Union Built PC

Raising Awareness in A Niche Market


In 2012 Union Built PC was ready to re-think their approach to marketing. UBPC - a Union backed computer company offers made-to-order computers, customized software packages and hands-on, 1:1 customer service - had a strong and loyal client base. Their challenge? New business acquisition, as getting the word out among this niche marketplace about Union Built PC proved challenging.


The Challenge

Union Built PC is one of few IT organizations that serve the specific needs of Unions. Given the tendency of this market to only buy Union, an awareness building campaign would be the key foundation for any further marketing activity.


Marketing Objective for Union Built PC

Lack of awareness among Labor Unions inhibits continued revenue growth for Union Built PC and forces executives to spend their time managing marketing efforts. PHANTOM POWER MARKETING was hired to increase awareness among key influencers and decision-makers in order to grow inbound qualified leads so business owners and executives can concentrate on talking to and servicing customers, giving sales presentations and continue their established reputation for superior customer service.



In order to reach Labor Unions a long term plan was needed to stay in front of Unions on a regular, almost daily, basis. In addition, these methods, given the modern media landscape, should always incorporate sharing capabilities in order to align with the ultimate need to increase awareness.


A grassroots awareness building campaign would launch efforts across the Internet in the many different online locations where this niche could be found. We found and joined online conversations among Union Members, important to Union Members designed to drive this niche to the new Union Built PC Facebook page that would ultimately serve as a common channel of communication.


Campaign Elements:


  • Grassroots Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising

  • Advertising


All methods employed Inbound Marketing theory to meet the Marketing Objective for Union Built PC.


  • Get Found

    • Perform in depth Keyword Research and Analysis

    • Optimize all online content for increased traffic, qualified leads and better search rankings

    • Find and join the web conversations related to Union interests


  • Convert

    • Turn UBPC Facebook page traffic into qualified leads for sales

    • Cultivate qualified leads with nurturing strategies over time


  • Analyze

    • Embed methods to track the progress of marketing efforts

    • Compare UBPC progress against how competitors are doing









“The best thing I did for my business was hire PHANTOM POWER. Now I’m focused on my current clients instead of how to find new one's.


PHANTOM POWER has delivered everything they’ve promised and more. Whenever I need something, PHANTOM POWER is there, offering it up… for free!”


- Pete Marchese, President

Union Built PC


PHANTOM POWER Marketing’s grassroots campaign to centralize the UBPC target audience into one marketing channel - Facebook - proved successful as numbers climbed. While continuing these grassroots effort, PHANTOM POWER began a Content Marketing campaign among its qualified audience on Facebook.


The Content Marketing campaign was designed to solidify Union Built PC as a comprehensive IT solutions provider for Unions while also establishing UBPC as experts in their field. Educational White Papers and Newsletters were offered up consistently via the Union Built PC Facebook page, all free for download in exchange for lead data.


The response was extraordinary. During the first year with PHANTOM POWER, Union Built PC’s lead database grew by over 100%. In addition, findings show that the sharing capabilities inherent in the materials offered brought Union Members to the UBPC Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages at exponential rates.


A strategically designed Email Marketing campaign continued to nurture these newfound leads with ongoing content of interest to this market. PHANTOM POWER continued to position UBPC as the go-to solution and thought leader while also, genuinely, establishing themselves as the Union’s best friend, as educational materials centered around topics of interest to the audience as well as problem solving techniques for this niche that are commonly faced.


A byproduct of this Email Marketing and Content Marketing approach was increased engagement on Facebook as this niche is inherently loyal. This keeps Facebook figures climbing, helps Union Built PC stand out on Facebook as PHANTOM POWER continues to change their formula for visibility and keeps UBPC top-of-mind within their marketplace.