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Everything to Know About Maximizing Your Tax Refund

Want to maximize your tax refund this year?  70% of Americans do not take advantage of the tax deductions and examptions they're entitled to.  Don't let that be you!


The best way to ensure you're not leaving money on the table is to do just a bit of due diligence exploring deductions for which you qualify.


That's why we're offering a Tax Prep Guide detailing the many ways you can maximize your refund.  This free Ebook provides tips, hints and resources surrounding the most commonly missed deductions that can help you prepare your taxes for maximum return!

 Something for Everyone!

 Your Tax Prep Guide comes equipped with... 


  •  The Top 10 Write-offs You're Not Using 

  •  Tax Exemptions for Family Live
    Exemptions for You and Your Dependents
    Exemptions for Other Relatives
    Exempt Medical Expenses for Yourself
    Exempt Medical Expenses for Someone Else

  • Exemptions for Education

  • Exemptions for Sole Proprietors

  • 5 Hidden Ways to Boost Your Tax Refund

  • Taxes and Major Life Transitions
    Getting Married
    Buying Your First Home
    Having A Child
    Surviving Divorce
    Steps to Claiming A Parent As A Dependent
    Loss of Your Spouse

  • FAQs: Deducting Mortgage Interest

  • Paying Taxes on Profits from Selling Your Home

  • Tax Benefits of Owning A Home
    Loan Origination Fee (“Points”)
    Seller Paid Points
    Mortgage Interest Deduction
    Mortgage Tax Credit
    Property Taxes
    “Special Circumstance” Tax Breaks

  • Deducting Home  Improvements

  • Home Office Tax Deduction

  • So You’ve Filed Your Tax Return… Now What?

  • 7 Ways To Avoid An Audit

  • And more...   

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