Three Reasons To Invest In Social Media Marketing For Your Small Business

Whether you love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. In fact, it’s growing rapidly. The average American spends more than 45 minutes each day using social media. That is very valuable time, and businesses are clamoring to be in front of those consumer eyeballs. If you aren’t spending time positioning your small business as in the digital space, you could be missing out on significant market reach and ultimately, sales.

1. Reach

No matter the size of your business operation, spreading the word is one of the best ways to get people in your door or to your website. Traditional marketing methods – flyers, radio ads, local newspaper or other publication ads – just aren’t cutting it anymore.

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Some of your time and marketing budget should be allocated to online marketing specifically. This becomes even more important if your business has an e-commerce component and especially crucial if your primary selling area is online. If you don’t invest in sending people to your website, how do you expect your products and services to be seen?

The reach of social media networks is mind-boggling. That being said, the process of reaching potential customers doesn’t have to be. By thoughtfully crafting content for your social media platforms and engaging with your audience, you’ll create a community around your brand that people will want to tell their friends and family about.

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2. Sales

More than 65% of small business owners surveyed in 2016 said they had gained new business from social media platforms.

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You love what you do, but you still have bills to pay, right? So, making sure your products and services are selling is what allows you to keep doing what you love. You’re missing out on a huge selling opportunity if you’re ignoring the online market. People are more likely to purchase from a brand they know. With 74% of consumers using social media to influence their buying decision, your market potential grows exponentially when you invest in social media marketing.

3. Your Competitors Are Doing It

Yes, they are. If you think this is your opportunity to “stand out from the crowd” by not participating in social media marketing, you’re only hurting yourself. With 91% of brands having two or more social media channels, you can’t ignore this trend.

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Your slice of the pie is out there. Make sure you go get it!

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