7 Blog Post Ideas to Rule Local Search Engine Results

So you’ve decided to start a real estate blog for your real estate business. Awesome. But, are you completely sure what you are doing?

Do you know how to blog in a way to get search engine traffic?

Many beginners just write and hope for the best and while that strategy has some possibility, it probably won’t net you the results you are looking for.

There are a number of common mistakes bloggers make when they get started, but the biggest one that real estate bloggers make is that they don’t try to focus on the local search market.

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When potential leads search for real-estate related information online, they will often search with the name of their town or local area in mind. For example, “houses for sale in Bradley Beach” or “real estate Red Bank” or “Jersey Shore real estate market”, etc. When they do this, you want to be the one who comes to the top of the search engine results with your real estate blog for your local area.

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While many real estate professionals don’t want to focus on one local area, that is the mistake they are making when it comes to their real estate blog. Local search is important and you need to know how to dominate it.

Sprinkling the name of your town or city throughout your real estate blog isn’t a great way to get those keywords on there. You need to have content that will be engaging, so it not only serves the purpose of getting you ranked higher with search engines, but also gives people a reason to visit your blog and find you informative and helpful (thus making them want to hire you!).

These seven blog topics will ensure that you’ll be at the top of the search engines every time, with your relevant and local content:

1. Local events Writing up a list of local events not only draws interest to your area with some great ideas for things to do, it also brings leads to your website that have searched for those local terms.

Both visitors to your local area and residents may search for “Monmouth County Fall Festivals” and be brought to your site. There will be some potential that they’ll be looking to buy or sell a home in that neighborhood as well. Either way, strategically using the local keyword in your blog posts, by listing local events, will up your appearance on the search engines.

2. Local business By focusing on a local business in your blog posts, you’ll be able to add some of those local keywords, but you’ll also draw interest to this great local business. Readers will want to check out your blog because they are looking for information on the local area and its businesses and your real estate blog will help them find that. As well, the local business you are featuring may return the favor by referring its customers to you. It’s a total win-win.

3. List of the best properties Of course, a real estate blog should feature real estate too. Many blog readers love to see roundups of some of the best properties in the area. Not only can you list many of your own properties, you’ll generate interest in the housing market in your neighborhood. As well, you’ll be able to ruthlessly add in your local search terms.

4. Focus on a school Many home-buying parents want to know what the schools are like in their potential neighborhoods. You can give them that information (after doing some research) and this is especially good where the schools are highly rated.

This type of blog post will also be hyper-local, as it will only focus on the very small catchment area of the school, but this is the type of post you can do regularly, focusing on some of the other great schools in your selling area.

5. Best restaurants in the area Most people like to eat and many people like to visit restaurants. Especially millennials – your target prospects currently with the greatest buying power. Potential homebuyers want to know what the restaurants are like in their neighborhood of interest. If you can focus on some of the best, either with a round-up post or a regular post focusing on one, you’ll generate interest to your blog and get the local crowd searching for that post (and possibly sharing).

6. Local service providers Just like the local business blog post, a blog post that mentions the great local service providers will help your blog to become more focused. What’s great is that you could do a blog post on almost any topic (i.e., renovations, mortgages, etc.) and then just mention a local service provider who you would recommend. This opens up the ideas you can create for blog topics, but lets you still be able to mention local keywords.

As with restaurants; you can also do a round up post of related New Jersey real estate service providers like this one. Again, you may be repaid by those you are referring, by getting referrals from their clients as well.

Do be sure to vet their service to an extent; if you’re not intimately familiar with the business check at least 3 online review sources (try Google, Facebook, Angie’s list, LinkedIn or Yelp). You can also simply search “(business name) reviews” and all multiple review sources / websites will appear.

In addition; you DO NOT want to refer prospects to a business that has a consumer complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau; as in the case of local Jersey Shore Real Estate Brokerage, Remax Paradigm Realty Group in Fair Haven. Simply search the www.bbb.org website.

7. Spotlight local community attractions Of course, mentioning all of what’s great about your community is only going to get more people wanting to buy in your target neighborhood. But, it also brings traffic to your site through your local keywords. You could talk about what’s great about your local municipality resources, local parks and other types of attractions that bring visitors to the area and that the locals couldn’t live without.

For example, several times during the Summer of 2016 Asbury Park was mentioned across several publications – including making the Top 10 List in Travel and Leisure - as a top tourist destination because of its pristine beaches, amazing revitalization, culture and attractions; a huge opportunity to embed local keywords.

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Local search is one of the biggest factors that you want to target with your real estate blog. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to attract your most important clientele – those in your local area.


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