SEO: The Secret to Getting Visitors to Your Site And Keeping Them There

If you have a website and want to get people to visit, optimized content is vital to success. When you think of SEO you should automatically think of Content Marketing. What Is SEO Content? This content is any content created with the goal of attracting search engine traffic. Here are some basic steps for enhancing your website to attract more visitors: Keyword Research Before you put up any content on your site you need to know what keywords are relevant for the topic. Write toward the topic that people are searching for. There are many online tools, such as Google's Keyword Tool, that can help you determine the right keywords for your content. RELATED: A Proprietary Keyword Cross Comparative Analysis Keyword Optimization Just knowing what keywords you need to use is not quite good enough. The proper use and placement of keywords will help customers find your content. Here is a guide for keyword targeting. Organized Content Make sure the content on your site is organized in a logical way so that readers have a good feel for the way your site flows. The longer you keep visitors on your site the better. Promotion Great content does no good if no one sees it! Build up visitors by using social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) to get people to your website. Backlinks, both from your site and others, give you more exposure to your target audience. Creating optimized text, images, videos and other types of content is what SEO is all about. The goal is to have a website where people can get information on your business, and your industry. SEO content positions you as an expert in your chosen industry and makes you the go-to source of information.


Types of SEO Content If you are going to produce great content for your website to attract visitors and enhance your business you need to use varied distribution channels. Some are listed here: Product and Service Descriptions This is the meat of your website. This is where you showcase your goods and services. These pages serve as SEO content and pay-per-click landing sites. Blogs This is where you can really show your personality for everyone to see. You can showcase your expertise. Blogs can act as forums where you can relate stories about your company and other relevant information about you and your firm, and get feedback from readers. RELATED: Why You’re Losing Business Without a Blog These days blogs are a must and studies show that companies with blogs generate 67% more leads than those without. FREE DOWNLOAD: You’re 60 Day Blog Kick-Starter Guide Lists When you list things out it's easier to read for both visitors and search engines. Guides These are generally longer pieces that provide information on how to do something in greater detail. could This include eBooks and White Papers. Guides are also an excellent way to showcase your expertise. Again, keeping visitors on your site is key, and these types of long-form content do the trick--as long as they are well-written and informative. Videos If a picture paints a thousand words think of what a video can do! Video content is easier for visitors to follow. And, search engines love them. Use videos to show people what goes into your products, how to use them, and why they will benefit. The visual element sparks interest and makes viewers more likely to do business with you. Directories Include links to other information sites in your industry and you become more than a website--you become a valuable resource for consumers looking to make informed purchasing decisions. Gathering information is what people get online for and if you can help them in that quest they will remember you. Your goal is to get the search engines to see that your website, and its content, are relevant enough to rank highly. Use several types of SEO content to insure that you cover all your bases and watch visitors flock to your site. FREE DOWNLOAD: A Content Marketing Way of Life The content on your website is your calling card. Make sure it is relevant and use it wisely. And reap the rewards. YOUR TURN How are you using Content to drive traffic to your website? Sound of on our Facebook Page, on our Twitter Feed, on Google+ or LinkedIn. And don't forget to subscribe to the monthly PHANTOM POWER Marketing eNewsletter for articles, tips and guides like this delivered straight to your inbox.

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