“Content Marketing is the Only Marketing Left” and 10 New Marketing Lessons

During a recent teleseminar with Seth Godin (Seth’s Meatball Sundae Book Tour) he was asked about the role of Content Marketing and its effect on traditional media. Seth was not familiar with the term Content Marketing, and fortunately David Meerman Scott, Head of the Content Marketing Institute, was there to define it as “the creation of valuable and relevant content yourself (instead of using traditional means).” Okay, here’s the big answer by Seth… “Content Marketing is all the marketing left.” Seth went on to say that "teaching your customers and giving your customers the resources to believe you is new marketing. They become a fan of yours because you teach them something that makes them feel better about the world." For someone like me that lives and breathes Content Marketing, needless to say I was pretty excited about his response. If you are not creating your own content that gets people talking about you, what are you doing?


Here are 10 other key points from the audio seminar: 1. The old way of marketing is where producers talked at customers with consistent interruption… the average consumer is bombarded with nearly 3,000 interruption marketing messages each day. New marketing is about connecting with customers. 2. Today’s new marketing is a bigger opportunity than any revolution that came along before (Factory, Industrial revolution) because people only need access to ideas, not access to large amounts of capital. 3. Instead of spending $5 million on advertising, spend $5 million on a great product that people want to talk about. 4. There is a difference between how many and who. Old marketing was about how many. New marketing is about who. If 12 people are coming to your blog, but they are the right 12 people with large amounts of buying power, that’s what matters. 5. Businesses who blog (content marketing) – on average – generate 67% more leads than those who don’t. 6. Your content: Who is listening? Make something for them. If you make something that solves their problems, they’ll talk about it and tell others. FREE DOWNLOAD: Understanding Your Target’s Pain Points with Buyer Personas 7. The gatekeepers have changed. Today’s technology has enabled the destruction of old gatekeepers (have a message to tell and can’t get it out… create a blog then) and the creation of new gatekeepers (those that have 1,000 friends on Facebook). 8. Figure out why the target needs to pay attention to you? Find information they desperately need (books, blog, research, surveys, etc.) and give it to them. This is the heart of new marketing. 9. Telling an authentic story means living an authentic life (i.e., Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO really does love coffee). In the new marketing world, you can’t fake it, so you have no choice but to be real. 10. All one has to do to understand new marketing is to start a blog. Write stuff that people want to read instead of dictating to them. You learn the lesson quickly! FREE DOWNLOAD: Your 60 Day Blogging Kick-Starter Guide Content marketing is not easy because you actually have to listen to your customers and know what their challenges are. You cannot solve your marketing woes through buying advertising space. You must make a connection to your customers, and get new customers, by focusing on their true pain points and healing them with information (okay, a bit over the top, but true none the less). YOUR TURN Of these key takeaways… which one resonates the most with you? Sound of on our Facebook Page, on our Twitter Feed, on Google+ or LinkedIn. And don't forget to subscribe to the monthly PHANTOM POWER Marketing eNewsletter for articles, tips and guides like this delivered straight to your inbox.

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