10 Hacks To Turn Your Website Into A Lead Generation Machine: Part II

In Part I of 10 Hacks to Turn Your Website Into A Lead Generation Machine we explored five ways to capture lead data so you can grow your business:

1. The Backbone of Your Site: Posts & Lead Capture

2. Skate Where the Puck Is Going

3. The Text That Makes All The Difference

4. Organize Your Leads

5. Web Copy and Text gets you Found. Video Gets You Clients.

Now we're going to dive into another five:

6. A Landing Page for Reviews... Please don't skim through this one!

Again… remember here the difference between a regular website page and a Landing Page. A Landing Page is designed specifically to collect lead data.


That being said… Your testimonials are the best way to convert traffic into leads. So, you should absolutely be highlighting all the reviews and testimonials you have on your site.

PHANTOM POWER Marketing helps agents do this by having their testimonial landing page link to a contact page and we’ve seen time and time again how effective this can be...

Potential clients will be most motivated to contact you after they’ve read about all the great work you’ve already done. You’ll ease any concerns they may have so they can contact you with confidence.

I really cannot stress enough the importance of linking your testimonial page to a contact page; this is such an effective, yet effortless way to capture more leads.

And, after all, the whole point of your website is to make it easy for people to contact you and this landing page is going to do just that while warming your leads as well.

7. Use A Seller Magnet

This is almost a no-brainer… there are so many different types of landing pages you can have on your real estate website. One you’ll definitely want to set up is the seller landing page.


I'm clickable

Having a seller landing page is truly the best way to get home valuation leads online.

8. Make Google Love You <3

Google really wants you to be successful. They want to help you.

But why are you not getting found?

You’re not speaking their language!

To start, write down some ideas for blog topics, as many as you can, too many to implement.

This content should be rich with “keywords” that will solve lead problems. Think about the typical problems sellers face, that buyers face, renters, homeowners. These will be the words and phrases they are searching for on Google. Sometimes beginning with high-ranking keywords for real estate in your marketplace is a great way to generate ideas! Note that keywords are not a single word but also relevant phrases.

PHANTOM POWER Marketing not only has the software to determine the highest ranking keywords for Real Estate in your marketplace but we have a proprietary program that cross-references your keywords with those of your competitors to determine those that you can rank for most successfully.

You’re going to have to read more about keywords here… it will become much more clear at that point. And if you want to get found on Google, take a bit of time to understand.

And remember - when brainstorming content or blog ideas - just because you don’t find previously existing content on a subject you want to write about doesn’t mean it isn’t worth pursuing. It’s just the opposite, actually. This is a huge opportunity for you to be the first to create the content and then start dominating search results with your niche topics.

So, how do you use your content to start ranking on Google?

You need on-site indicators – your pages, blog posts, links and texts and keyword placement are all things that make up your on-page SEO and this is really the thing that will determine if you show up in searches or not.

WARNING: If your copy or blog post is too saturated with keywords Google will catch on. They are so smart. A good ratio is 1 to 2%.

Always remember Google has a business model too; they simply want to provide answers to questions. And it will give the best possible answers first. So, if your blog article and content effectively answers a question, addresses a problem or need, you’ll be well on your way to getting SEO traffic.

9. Have Effective Calls-to-Action

One of the easiest ways to improve your website is to implement proper Calls-to-Action (CTA’s).

The best websites all have clear and consistent CTA’s. Period.

You need active Calls-to-Action that give people more information in exchange for their contact information. This ties back to the example Landing Pages above.

Did you notice that the subhead of the FSBO EBook Page reads:

"Learn Why You’ll Make 27% More by Using An Agent"?

A pretty effective enticement for FSBO leads to offer their contact information.

What? You didn’t click? Here it is again:

Free EBook: Info for 'For Sale by Owners' Why You’ll Benefit From Working With A Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home!

This time, I’ve created an optimized link by creating a hyperlink out of the words "Info for 'For Sale by Owners'" … KEYWORD! I’ve done this on purpose. The way it was laid out the first time is wrong. This is right. Google is going to love me!

Oh, and I set it to open in a New Window. Now you won't have to scroll through a series of back buttons and get lost, this blog post will sit in the background awaiting your return.

If you do not have somebody working on your SEO there are still ways to improve your Google search visibility by optimizing your pages. Here are just a few things you should check off your list:

  • Include visuals–images, video…etc.

  • Link to other sources, and focus on your keywords… link by using the keywords as your hyperlink… NEVER EVER EVER use "click here". EVER. Did I say ever? There's a very good reason, ask me why...

  • Have a page for each keyword you want to show up for and then be sure to use that keyword in the url and 1-3% of the time throughout the text of the page and in the title.

10. Have A Playbook In order to succeed in real estate with your website you need to create pages with the following components; 1,000+ words, photos, videos, listings, lead capture, backlinks, and a killer design… just to name a few.

You also need to keep in mind that visitors need to see you 10 times before they will even become leads. Sound like a lot? It’s really not and we’ve broken down exactly how to achieve this:


Ever wonder why when you’re driving and you’re listening to the radio you may hear the same commercial multiple times within a short period? It’s because researchers have determined that the brain needs to hear a message 3 times before remembering it, and because the average radio listener listens in 15 minute blocks, radio ad sales teams sell advertising in 15 minute blocks. We know… we consulted with Z100 and Q104.3 and graduated from ClearChannel University… yes, that’s a thing.

Same principle... It’s incredibly rare that you’ll get clients from only one action, so building your action plan to incorporate multiple actions, including building value, engagement and touches OVER TIME is the best way for you to become successful online. I know, a lot of this is “marketing speak” so, again, you’ll just have to trust us. If it helps; when Facebook sends reports on PHANTOM POWER Marketing Client Facebook Pages they report on Engagement Rate, Touches and Time.

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Let’s Wrap Up!

If you’re considering a real estate website, these 10 things will really help. All of them will help you get more leads and grow your business!

PHANTOM POWER Marketing is here to help.

Talk with us today and see if we’re right for you! Congrats! You’ve made it to the bottom.