10 Hacks To Turn Your Website Into A Lead Generation Machine: Part I

Last year we published 10 Hacks For Real Estate Websites That Drive More Leads and Listings…Today, we’re updating it!

But why should you read this… or care?

Well…. Over the last year, I’ve asked 5,000 real estate agents for their website.

The 10 hacks below are the summary of everything we’ve found MISSING ON THE AVERAGE AGENT SITE!

Here are our findings in Part 1 of 10 Hacks to Turn Your Website Into A Lead Generation Maching...


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1. The Backbone of Your Site: Posts & Lead Capture

Where do leads come from?


And there are really only 3 ways to get that traffic. (Google, Social Media - emphasis: Facebook - and Ads…)

Real estate blogs are no longer an excellent way to build trust and maintain credibility on your website. THEY ARE A REQUIREMENT TO GET TRAFFIC AND LEADS.

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Here’s the problem…

The problem is that there is virtually no lead capture with the way most real estate websites are built. You need Landing Pages!

Here is how it works:

Your blogs are offering content of value. Take your most valuable content and/or highest performing blog posts and create “Landing Pages”. Landing Pages are different than a regular webpage. They are designed specifically to capture lead data, and there are elements of a successful Landing Page that make it different.

Check out these examples:

Free EBook: Critical Info for 'For Sale by Owners' Why You’ll Benefit From Working With A Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home! http://www.phantompowermarketing.com/#!for-sale-by-owner-help/xca4h

Free EBook: House Didn’t Sell? Let’s Sell It This Time Fast How to Go From ‘Expired’ to ‘Sold’! http://www.phantompowermarketing.com/#!sell-my-home-expired-listing/w0c16

These Landing Pages which capture Lead Data in exchange for content of value are provided as links within blog posts.

For example:

"FREE DOWNLOAD: Blogging Strategy Guide for Real Estate Agents"

Download this and you are going to learn more about the importance of blogging and, you are going to learn how to get started with your blog. But before you get it, I’ll get your contact information and perhaps I’ll follow-up with you depending on your answers to the Landing Page data capture webform. I’ll most certainly add you to my email list for lead nurturing... there is always a prominent unsubscribe button. Beyond being required, it's just ethical.

It is worth investing time learning more about this topic; read Why Content Marketing Is Critical to Your Marketing Strategy

2. Skate Where the Puck Is Going

Close your eyes for a second…and think about your office meeting room….or a local Starbucks.

What’s the average person doing? Are they on a phone?

Most likely.

Your website MUST be optimized for mobile. But that’s just the beginning…

When it comes to real estate, a mobile-ready lead capture website is a must!

You already know over 90% of buyers are starting their search online and at least 30% of those searching for a home are doing it from a mobile device.

Get this... In April of last year Google changed their algorithm to rank mobile-friendly sites IN THE BOTTOM 20% OF SEARCH RESULTS. So you can have the perfect website but if it is not mobile-optimized you could be losing between 30 and 50% of your real estate website traffic!

Moreover, if you don’t make it easy for people who are ready to buy to use your site from their phone you are leaving money on the table.


Because over 60% of mobile callers are ready to convert.

3. The Text That Makes All The Difference

Does your lead follow-up system involve text messaging?

Because it should.

Let’s be honest… A lot of the time we don’t contact our leads immediately (within 5 minutes of them opting in on our site) and this is probably why they don’t convert and why you’re losing out on qualified leads.

In fact, less than 5% of leads are contacted within 24 hours. And this is a big problem.

The average person’s attention span had dipped below 10 seconds, so you can bet that most leads will have lost interest, if not completely forgotten about what you have to offer them, by the next day, if not within the hour.

These are leads you’re losing to the Quit Window! The leads are quitting before you contact them. What’s the best way to get ahead of this? Texting.

Take the conversation from your website to their phone. Because get this, folks are seeing an average 40% response rate from texts.

But what if you’re not even getting notified about your fresh lead until much later in the day?

Well, if you have the proper Landing Page software - which you can learn more about from PHANTOM POWER Marketing, you’ll be notified IMMEDIATELY once a lead completes the data capture form. There you are, on YOUR phone, with their phone number in your hands. Send you leads a welcome text, or a thank you text… make it personal... ask an open ended question; i.e. not "yes" or "no."

As part of an Online Marketing campaign with PHANTOM POWER Landing Pages with this technology will be provided.

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4. Organize Your Leads

If you follow these tips, you’re going to be getting tons of leads. But how should you manage them?

When it comes to choosing a real estate CRM it can be easy to over-analyze your options.

The thing to keep in mind is why you’re getting one in the first place.

The goal?

To convert more leads and systematically stay in touch with all of your contacts.

That’s it.


For example, we like to recommend Top Producer because Realtor.com automatically transfers lead data into that CRM. This helps save you time by automating the process.

Plus, be regularly downloading leads you are collecting from sites like Zillow and Zurple into .csv files and then uploading them into your CRM.

Now that you have your leads organized you need to come up with a follow-up system; otherwise chances are you’re going to lose them. We highly recommend Email Marketing as a lead nurturing solution. It is highly cost effective. For every $1 spent on your Email Marketing investment your average return is over $44.

5. Web Copy and Text gets you Found. Video Gets You Clients.

In addition to rocking great blog content on your website and valuable content accessible through Landing Pages, you should also consider integrating video.

Listings that incorporate real estate video marketing tactics receive 400% more inquiries than those that don’t.

Yup, you read that right. 400%, so you definitely want to start producing videos and sharing them not just on Youtube, but on social media and your real estate website as well.

Other benefits:

  • Videos are a fantastic way to build trust and strengthen your relationship with both leads and clients. They get to see and hear you.

  • This is a visual business; you need to offer visual content to entice.

  • Embedding your YouTube videos on your site can also help you get more traffic to your YouTube channel.

  • Videos a great way to supplement your written content too and will also increase your Google search results visibility.

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Highly seasoned in the Real Estate Marketing Landscape, PHANTOM POWER Marketing can assist in creating your Real Estate Videos, embedding them on your website and sharing them across all of your social networks.

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