Why You're Losing Business Without A Blog

Professionals who Blog Generate 67% More Leads Than Those Without The Critical Importance of Content Marketing

When beginning a blog it is important to first map out your short term. As you build your and begin promoting it on social media, your initial goal will be to increase awareness surrounding your go-to resource for valuable content.

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Then you can start building thought leadership in your space, generating qualified leads for prospecting, increasing your search engine visibility and more.

3 Ways to Build A Successful Blog

1. Design blog in accordance with your brand

  • Perform consumer behavior analysis to determine topics or need/solution alignment

  • Create an editorial calendar to kick-off content development FREE DOWNLOAD: Blog Strategy Worksheet: A 60-Day Kick-Starter

  • Perform keyword analysis and counterintelligence to determine “rankable” keywords; put target keywords near the front of blog headlines

2. Determine content formats

  • Create an optimized hyperlink strategy using keywords mapping to pages of high performance (or anticipated high performance) in search

  • Create optimized jumplink from your new posts from your old posts.

  • Use Landing Pages to capture qualified leads

3. Create Content of Value

  • Figure out which keywords you almost rank for… Why? To gain more visibility for specific keywords and phrases. SEO is the slowest form of marketing but this is the fastest way to help it along..

  • Focus on referral traffic… Why? Content that truly helps your biggest influencer's drive “sharing.”

  • Set priorities… Why? Seasonality, Market Trends Current Events may sway needed content In 2013 PHANTOM POWER Marketing’s eBook on ‘A Guide to Hurricane Sandy Assistance’ offered area homeowners, renters and sellers resources needed to recover and find assistance ‘A Guide to Hurricane Sandy Assistance’ ranked Top 100 Most Downloaded Documents of the year by Slideshare.

  • Identify your “content tilt”… Why? You think your content sounds like everyone else’s. Seek out a certain niche to separate yourself from the competition. In 2015 PHANTOM POWER Marketing launched a Tax Season Blog Series. The series offered our real estate client advice beyond implications of selling, buying and ownership and jumped into the realm of everyday life. Blog traffic increased by over 160% during this 3-month period.

PHANTOM POWER Marketing and Content Marketing Studies show Content Marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing, while generating about three times as many leads. PHANTOM POWER Marketing will create content hub for your business that will help you save on marketing while also driving sales. RELATED: What is Content Marketing and Why It’s Critical to Your Success

If you're hoping to get the best leads online, attract the right buyers to your website, and create a reputation that consistently grows your business... Content is King!

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