How to Leverage Social Media Marketing as a Real Estate Agent

How to Leverage Social Media Marketing as a Real Estate Agent

And Why You're Losing Listings Without It

Using the power of social media, you can quickly and easily post a listing perfectly positioned to reach interested buyers and prospects.

Position yourself as an authority on any channel by writing a killer social media bio. Use these tips to create a social media profile that resonates with colleagues, influencers and prospects.

But knowing what to post, when and where is more important to your overall social strategy than just having presence on each channel

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Facebook is a solid source for lead generation. Make your Facebook business page stand out from the crowd with these 10 tips.


Many real estate agents successfully use Twitter to promote their own content and connect with prospective clients. Twitter provides the perfect platform to reach thousands of potential clients, and with many different advertising options available, you’re sure to find an advertising strategy that’s right for you. Try your hand at paid advertising on Twitter with help from this quick guide to Twitter advertising.

LinkedIn LinkedIn is fast becoming a top choice for business-minded social media marketing, already surpassing Facebook and Twitter in business lead generation. LinkedIn is an untapped goldmine for real estate agents or anyone else looking to generate more leads. The key is having a strategy and plan in place before you go out and begin using the network. It is also the ultimate place to make professional connections… a pivotal relationship-building tactic that is directly linked to moving your Listings quickly and at top asking price.

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LinkedIn audience includes the Demographics and Psychographics that return for you...

  • LinkedIn is the only major social media platform for which usage rates are higher among 30- to 49-year-olds than among 18- to 29-year-olds.

  • 46% of online adults who have graduated from college are LinkedIn users, compared with just 9% of online adults with a high school diploma or less

  • The site continues to be popular among the employed – 32% are LinkedIn users, compared with 14% of online adults who are not employed

Instagram Instagram is the fastest growing social network today. Particularly in real estate, where images pack the most punch, it is important to adopt a strategy to implement this network into your integrated marketing mix.

Your Target Audience is on Instagram...

  • 55% of Instagram users are 18-29… your future highest yielding demo

  • 28% of Instagram users are 30-49… your highest yielding demo

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The Advent of Social Media

PHANTOM POWER Marketing was launched in 1999 - at the onset of the social media boom. As we've grown so has our expertise and comprehension of the countless social platforms. We are uniquely positioned to help your business harness the true potential of social.

RELATED: Why Real Estate Agents Are Losing Business Without Social Media Marketing PHANTOM POWER Marketing’s Social Media Marketing solutions provide a powerful opportunity to connect with your target audience, engage them in conversation and generate buzz around your brand, content, products and services. We harness the power of each social platform – their own strengths and ideal purpose – to integrate the power of Social Media into a more holistic strategy that converts your target audience into prospects, and prospects into pre-qualified leads ready for you to close! RELATED: The Critical Marriage between Content Marketing and Social Media

Whether you are looking for a trusted partner to provide a comprehensive, integrated Social Media Marketing campaign, or you are looking for additional support and guidance to complement your own efforts, PHANTOM POWER Marketing are “the” experts who can help your business conquer the ever-evolving nature of the social web.

Contact Us today for a free consultation on how Social Media Marketing can grow your Real Estate Business!

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