12 Surprising Social Selling Statistics That You'll Want to See

Maybe you think your buyers aren't active on social media (they are). Maybe you're not sure if your boss would approve of you messaging prospects on LinkedIn (they will). Maybe you don't even have a LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook account, and frankly, don't get what all the fuss is about (fuss!).

Whatever the case is, you haven't started incorporating social media into your sales process. And why should you? After all, you haven't heard of anyone crushing their quota thanks to a social network. The day you see results is the day you'll look into social selling.

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Well, that day has come. Salespeople skeptical about social selling need only to look at the 12 statistics in the infographic below to start coming around to the practice. A few choice data points sure to raise eyebrows:

  • 57% of buying decision is made BEFORE speaking to sales

  • 77% of buyers do not speak to sales or buy until they do independent research

  • 65% of buyers say content had an impact on their purchase decision

  • Social sellers surpass quota 23% more often than non social sellers

  • Non social sellers miss quota 15% more often than social sellers

  • The average cold-call-to-appointment rate is under 3%


Whether yes or no read on for more surprising stats...

The post originally appeared on HubSpot Sales Blog

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