6 Reasons Your Business Needs to Blog

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A business blog is central to a successful inbound marketing strategy that will help you get found and generate more inbound leads online. Why?

Here are 6 reasons your business needs to blog:

  1. Build thought leadership Build thought leadership by showing your expertise and becoming a go-to resource for prospects and media.

  2. Get SEO value for each blog article More content = more opportunities to get found online.

  3. Engage in a dialogue with customers and prospects through blog comments Host conversations and respond to issues or questions.

  4. Attract social media followers Businesses that blog enjoy more social media reach because they have content to share.

  5. Generate more leads online. A HubSpot study found that businesses that blog generate more than 67% more leads online compared to businesses that don't blog.

  6. Humanize your brand Give your company a voice of the people behind your brand.

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