*Branded* Content is King

According to a recent study by the Custom Content Council and ContentWise, 78% of U.S. marketers plan to shift investments from traditional marketing to branded content marketing. More specifically, 62% are “moderately” making the shift, while 16% are pursuing it “aggressively.”

The study found that branded content marketing spending reached its highest level ever in 2011, just shy of $2 million per company. This accounted for 26% of overall marketing, advertising, and communications budgets for the year, and 30% of marketers expect their content budgets to increase in 2012.

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Why content?

The top-ranked reasons are:

  1. To educate customers (49%)

  2. To retain customers (26%)

  3. To increase brand loyalty (14%)

Similarly, marketers believe content marketing is more effective than:

  1. Magazine ads (72%)

  2. Public relations (69%)

  3. Direct mail (69%)

  4. Television ads (62%)

Is your brand on point? Is your brand pursuing a branded content marketing strategy?

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