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Pete Thorn Too

An interview with Pete Thorn 

Sure, we can sit here and tell you about the amazing contributions guitarist, writer, producer and tone aficionado Pete Thorn has made on tour with artists such as Chris Cornell, Melissa Etheridge, Don Henley, and Japanese icon, Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi (to name a few). But you probably know all that.

Pete was generous enough to spend so much time with us, there’s simply little more we can add. That’s why we’ve upped the BPMs on this intro so we may bring you Pete Thorn, in his own words.


And in Part Two, Pete gives us a rundown of the gear used on his newly released second album; Pete Thorn II.


Hello My Name Is Jeff

An interview with Jeff Gutt

It takes more than sheer skill to fill the shoes of a legend. But when Jeff Gutt assumed the role of a singer he had grown up inspired by, he not only filled a void, but seems to have propelled the band to new levels of creative output.

It took him virtually no time at all to lock into the band’s formula. Gutt has the range, the tone, and the fuck-you-flare that has been at the heart of the Stone Temple Pilots signature sound for decades...

Phil X: A Cool Head and A Quick Draw

An Interview with Phil X

I read this really cool Harold Ramis thing when he did stand-up. He said “it’s all about killing. But not only killing the audience, it’s killing the next comedian and the comedian before you, [making] everybody forget everybody else."

So when I go on stage with The Drills, that’s my job. [But] when I go on stage with Bon Jovi, that’s Jon’s job. 

The Concept Album: An American Myth Worth Believing In

The Rise and Fall in Springsteen's Born To Run

A dusty sense of wonder mixed with the very beginnings of making peace with where you are or where you came from, there is a rise and fall to Bruce Springsteen's most notable album. Born To Run is one of the most carefully calibrated albums out there, and one of the most perfect representations of album-as-art - each four song set (“Thunder Road” to “Backstreets,” then “Born To Run” to “Jungleland”) moving in a particular arc, tracing a spectrum from hope to desperation to refusing to settle. And each of those arcs, and the songs within them, play off each other...


Nita Strauss: In The Eye of the Storm

An Interview with Nita Strauss

Passion, joy, and great love for the guitar vie for attention every time Nita Strauss takes the stage. At first glance she looms larger-than-life, then underscores that image as her fingers move furiously, yet with confident precision, up and down the fretboard of her beloved Ibanez Jiva. It’s easily understood why she’s known as today’s First Lady of Metal.

“Everybody in my band’s an A-list player, I just don’t have time for B-list guys,” says Alice Cooper...


Stone Temple Pilots 2018

Album Review

It has been a polarizing few years of emotion for the founding members of Stone Temple Pilots. Few would have been surprised if they decided to hang up their guitar straps following the deaths of previous singers Scott Weiland and Chester Bennington.


But their resilience? Simply astounding. And audible within each verse, chorus, bridge and sparkling coda off their new self-titled album. Stone Temple Pilots (2018) is a finely-honed, intoxicating rock record on which new singer Jeff Gutt busts open the walls of his cocoon and takes flight like a butterfly...


dUg Pinnick Tribute to Jimi: Often Imitated But Never Duplicated

Album Review

It’s hard to imagine an album like Are You Experienced? getting made these days. Even harder to imagine is a major label picking up such a record, with its expansive combination of pop, rock, soul, jazz, funk and stoned experimentation. The marketing people would have a fit trying to figure out how to sell it to the kids today!

But King’s X frontman dUg Pinnick, much like Jimi Hendrix himself, likes to throw a wrench in the industry assembly line...


Hired Gun: Out of the Shadows, Into the Spotlight

DVD/Film Review

One bassist has played for Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne, Dio, Whitesnake, Blue Oyster Cult, Geoff Tate's Queensryche, and The Guess Who. Can you name him? There is a guitarist whose "true Hollywood Story" began while painting the garage of Tommy Lee's producer when suddenly, a guitarist was needed. Stat! Who is this talent? After 30 years in a legendary band, this highly renowned player didn’t even know he’d been fired until his friends called, excited they’d be seeing him play in the most famous arena in the world. Who is the drummer who hadn’t been told about the upcoming show?

It is these stories and over 30 more that you will hear first-hand, in this year’s highly successful documentary, Hired Gun: Out of the Shadows, Into the Spotlight...

Jon Bon Jovi and the Kings of Suburbia: Where Kings Reign Supreme

When Jon Bon Jovi holds court with his Kings of Suburbia, it's not an internationally renowned rock star that you see, and not a front-man of a rock n' roll band, or, more formally, the CEO of the 13th highest grossing band on the Forbes Top 100 list. Think Jon Bon Jovi, music fan. 


is most loyal fans outside of the Jersey Shore really have never seen this side him. Women travel thousands of miles to see their icon, their hero. And many leave asking... Who is this man and why is he confusing me like this...

Williams Honor Does Poetic Justice

Album Review

Many people have a hard time figuring out what they’re listening to when they listen to today’s Country music. Today’s biggest Country names have broken boundaries. People’s tastes have changed. And there’s a bit of backlash here because tradition is at the core of Country music.  But there’s also a growing audience that’s willing to accept how the genre is evolving.  


Williams Honor is the Jersey Shore’s first Country duo.  And there was no hesitation among its members – Reagan Richards and Gordon Brown – to introduce the genre into New Jersey’s signature sound...

Richie Sambora: In the Light of A Legend

Concert Review

Les Paul is a guiding light in the life of Richie Sambora and it seems he still is, shining a 'spot' on his man from above. On July 22 and 23, in honor of the legendary Les Paul, Sambora delivered his blues-based vocals and signature guitar sound to an intimate room of 170 lucky fans at The Iridium Theatre in Manhattan.


For those whose fortune's wheel landed on "Sold Out," the series of 3 shows - meant to mark the late Les Paul's birthday and raise funds for the Les Paul Foundation - will air on Public Television's Front And Center this Fall...

Uncool and In Good Company: A Tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman

There are few films that capture the experience of being a music fan better than Almost Famous. There are also few films that capture the experience of being a music journalist better than Almost Famous. A chronicle of writer-director Cameron Crowe's fledgling days as a music lover and reporter disguised as a fictional coming of age story; the 2000 opus rests at a crossroads between personal passion and professional obligation. And - in an age when the Internet heightens accessibility and the media examines every aspect of their lives - the film's underlying message about that tenuous relationship between adoration and the truth seems more relevant than ever: "Be honest, and unmerciful," as Lester Bangs (Philip Seymour Hoffman) succinctly puts it...

Connecting and Reconnecting with Gordon Brown

An Interview with Gordon Brown

It’s a glorious Shore day and there’s a rockstar sitting in my living room. He was his relaxed, confident, easy-going self.  I wish I could say the same.  Even if we had developed a rapport over the years, this just felt different.  At once, it was personal and business.

Sitting across from me is a man as talented as your average rockstar, owning all the tools needed for success and one more, one that makes him unique, even from the A-listers he works with.  But it is one thing to have vision, quite another to extract it from others. 
It’s what sets Gordon Brown apart...

One Afternoon with Reagan Richards

An Interview with Reagan Richards

#SharpNotes sits down with Reagan Richards to talk everything music and more.  From her childhood performance successes, modeling,  to her work with Les Paul.  Her quirky notoriety on Social Media and her exciting upcoming Revue Show; One Night with Reagan Richards.


In this two-part interview, Reagan gives everyone a first-hand look into her life...

Bobby Bandiera: The Last Man Standing Joins Bon Jovi

What an interesting age it is to gauge success in music. The  listening  public is bombarded  daily  by  the  viral campaigns of major  label marketing  departments working diligently to remind a largely attention deficient pop culture that their flavor of the weak is worth your 99 cent digital download.  Club  owners  around the  world are struggling to maintain  their original music  venues, ultimately having  to  diminish the original integrity  they set as the standard for the acts that play their room in favor of those who bring in more  dollars. Even those age­-old rock-­n-­rollers who may have once­upon-­a-­time never dreamt of taking  an  endorsement deal  are  the voices behind mortgage brokers, automobiles  and batteries. You  know when Springsteen is envious of U2’s spot for iPod that the  business  is  going  through ch-­ch-­ch-­changes. And where failure may not prove fatal for many of these established rockers in this new climate; failing to change will...

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