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A Growing Cyber Threat

Technology has made our lives both easier and more complicated – there’s no denying that.

Fast Internet access opened up a world of wisdom and all the distractions we can image. But the door is also open for cyber criminals with little to no scruples and a big appetite for money. And there’s no better incarnation for their wants than Ransomware.

Some of you may think:

"Ransomware isn’t that big of a deal, is it? I bet the security industry is blowing things up to make money out of it."

You’re entitled to a skeptical opinion, but statistics prove without a doubt, that ransomware is the biggest cyber threat out there, for both businesses and home users.

In this free report; Union Built PC explores the growing cyber threat of Ransomware and how you can keep yourself safe.

Just Some of What You'll Learn...

What is Ransomware?
A Quick History of Ransomware    
Top Targets for Ransomware
How Do Ransomware Infections Happen?     
Ransomware Goes Undetected by Antivirus    
What’s the Future for Ransomware        
Ways to Stay Safe from Ransomware    
The Best Protection from Ransomware

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