Public Relations

Gain Credibility with Third-Party Media Endorsements


When a consumer sees third-party coverage of a business, product or service, it is perceived much differently than a traditional advertisement.  When we see an advertisement, we know the company is trying to sell us something.  When a third-party, such as the media, endorses a product or service, the business gains credibility.  Consumers are much more likely to make a purchase based on third-party endorsement than an advertisement.

In an ever-changing marketplace and competitive media landscape, Public Relations is more important than ever before. A Public Relations program will help build general awareness of your product, service or brand and will effectively supplement your other marketing campaigns.  This visibility also tends to make your business appear more established than it may be which, not only enhances authority within your marketplace, but also helps drive lead generation and sales. 


Why PHANTOM POWER Marketing for your Public Relations program?

As a fully integrated marketing firm we have a better understanding of today's 360-degree media landscape than a sole PR firm. We have first hand experience integrating various media channels to maximize ROI. Adding Public Relations into your overall marketing mix increases the number of media platforms you can use to communicate with your target audience. This increases your reach and amplifies the return on your overall marketing investment.


Not only does PHANTOM POWER Marketing have long-standing relationships with key media outlets that frequently cover our clients, but we can help your business become a valuable resource too. Reporters and editors are constantly looking for reliable sources with whom to discuss current and future topics.



PHANTOM POWER’s Public Relations services include:


Press Releases

Print and Digital Press Kits

Print and Digital One-Pagers

Cover Letters

Bylined Articles

Internal Communications





Press Releases

Press Releases are ideal for generating awareness and providing important information

to readers all the while helping boost your search engines results.  PHANTOM POWER

Marketing’s PR experts craft Press Releases that garner attention and are designed to

inform in a compelling manner that makes reporting on your story easier on the editor.


PHANTOM POWER Marketing is committed to your success, so as with out other marketing campaigns, we implement measurement tactics into your Press Release to gauge it's effectiveness and improve on future campaigns.


PHANTOM POWER Marketing applies these 5 valuable metrics:


  • Impressions
    The number of impressions your headlines achieve across websites. This helps fine-tune attention-getting headlines and content that will consistently produce crucial web-spread.


  • Reads
    High quality content involves staying current with news and trends that readers are following. By measuring how many times your Press Releases are read daily, we can ascertain just how well you are responding to online needs.


  • Referrals
    The magic of keywords is essential to establishing strong online presence. PHANTOM POWER Marketing knows which of your keywords are best performing and these can be integrated into future Press Releases to appeal to readers’ interests.  We use search engine referrals to discover what referring sources are sending visits your way and in what numbers. When we combine this data with keyword referrals we can paint you a picture of how well your content incorporates the latest information in which your target audience is interested.


  • Traffic
    Putting the effort into creating a Press Release has to go hand-in-hand with knowing how people are discovering you and ensuring that your visibility is ultimately driving traffic to your goal destination. We carefully watch for increases in traffic from search engines around the time of release distribution and look for the distribution service, itself, to be a referring source of traffic.


  • Deliveries
    To improve on all future Press Releases, we keep tabs on how well your Press Release distribution is performing by noting which media outlets have received your news.


Whether you want us to write and distribute Press Releases for your business, capitalize on resourcing or compose bylined articles; PHANTOM POWER Marketing can effectively integrate a Public Relations program into your integrated marketing mix to deliver exponential results.