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PHANTOM POWER Marketing PPC experts work with businesses of all sizes, from small local companies targeting their local market, to international corporations targeting a worldwide audience.


When you opt to use our Pay-Per-Click Services you'll benefit in many ways:


  • Transparent reporting and campaign performance

  • The experience and knowledge that works with several PPC campaigns of all different sizes

  • Affordable fees based on the campaign spend that continue to decrease as your ROI increases

  • PPC data can be rolled into other online marketing efforts such as SEO in order to dominate search results in both organic and paid results


Let us handle your PPC Advertising so you can focus on what you do best... running your business.


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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

So Many Benefits. Such Little Time.


The ability to effectively utilize Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising can be one of the overall fastest ways to boost your online revenue. Paid search efforts through Google AdWords, Yahoo, Bing and now sites like Facebook and Twitter are large opportunities to see the immediacy of return on investment.

Securing Return-on-Investment

Launching a Pay-Per-Click Advertising campaign without the help of PPC professionals can be a very costly mistake, in terms of both time and money. The experience and knowledge that PHANTOM POWER Marketing PPC experts brings to the table can help you avoid costly mistakes that deplete your advertising budget and leave you with nothing to show for it.


The most popular paid search marketing platform, Google AdWords, requires a deep knowledge of their quality score algorithm in order to get the lowest possible CPCs (cost per click) and achieve the highest positions in the paid search results.


Why You Need PHANTOM POWER Marketing for PPC

It can be very frustrating to see your competitors dominate the paid search results for ultra competitive and high search volume keywords that drive traffic, sales, and revenue to their website while you sit back and wonder how you can take advantage of PPC advertising as well.


We've seen businesses try to duplicate their competitiors' success but setting up a PPC account, adding some keywords and creating some ads won't convert traffic into sales. There are many elements of effective PPC that need to be taken into account; some of the most critical include:


  • Keyword Research and Analysis

  • Landing Page Optimization

  • Google AdWords Quality Score


Keyword Research, Analysis and Counter Intelligence

With the continuous rise in keyword costs and click-through rates standing as better indicators of a strong campaign, PHANTOM POWER Marketing’s extensive Keyword Research and Analysis guarantees your ad budget is not being wasted.


The Pay-Per-Click landscape is very dynamic and changes can occur every day. Unless you contract with experts in the field, it is easy to be burned by your competitors. And this is why PHANTOM POWER Marketing has designed a proprietary Keyword Counterintelligence Program… to give you an edge on your competition.   


Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimization is a critical component to Pay-Per-Click marketing campaigns. Landing Pages are the web pages visitors land after they click on a sponsored link in a search engine.  Not only does Google report that Ad visibility is favorably given to companies that direct traffic to rich landing pages, but your potential customers may react differently depending on the “experience” that your site/landing page delivers.


PHANTOM POWER Marketing creates a “sticky” landing page that contains strong, relevant content, while at the same time enticing visitors to take that next action step that aligns with the goals and objectives of your campaigns.


Google AdWords Quality Score

Your AdWords Quality Score is a measure of the quality, relevance, and performance of your PPC Advertising campaign. Because it affects both the position of your ad and your cost per action, PHANTOM POWER Marketing places great emphasis on your Quality Score to ensure PPC success and profitability.


To guarantee a high quality ad we focus on those factors that the Google Adwords system uses to determine your score; the relevance of your ad to the keyword, the relevance of your ad to your landing page, the historical performance of your AdWords account and the click-through rate of your ad.  Clearly, the quality and effectiveness of your AdWords campaign is important.  You can trust PHANTOM POWER Marketing’s PPC experts to create ads that score high.


The PHANTOM POWER Marketing Pay-Per-Click Process

PHANTOM POWER Marketing takes many strategic steps to create a successful PPC campaign for you.  


These steps include:


  • Optimizing your ad copy and landing page copy, making sure that copy is consistent with your Campaign goal. Google places great emphasis on the relevance of ad copy conpared to landing page copy.

  • Conducting extensive Keyword Research and Analysis in order to drive the right traffic to your website - traffic that converts - and returns on your investment.

  • Leveraging PHANTOM POWER's proprietary Keyword Counterintelligence program to ensure your ads outrank your competition and are positioned at the top of paid search results.

  • Using geographical targeting for local PPC campaigns to attract local consumers.

  • Creating multiple landing pages optimized for the PPC ad copy and then split testing various landing pages to find the highest converting destination pages.

  • Creating multiple keyword focused ad groups.

  • Tracking campaign performance and analytics to work towards improving the campaign and end conversion rate.

  • Constantly monitoring for click fraud and poor performing websites on display networks.

  • Building a list of negative keywords to eliminate poorly performing traffic.

  • Constantly testing different ad copy and determining the success based on conversion rates, and not just click through rates.

  • Creating ad copy based on specials, promotions, seasons, local events, current events, etc.

  • Testing multiple call-to-action copy within each ad.


All of the bullet points listed above take experience and know-how along with time, which is something that not every business owner has. With PHANTOM POWER Marketing you will get your PPC Campaign performing well and delivering a solid ROI sooner - and this is when your revenue can really see some serious growth.