Comprehensive Online Marketing Services

The Internet Has Leveled The Playing Field... Now it's About How You Leverage It!


Online Marketing services from PHANTOM POWER are geared to harness the power of the web to meet your business objectives across earned, owned or paid digital media.


PHANTOM POWER Marketing prides itself as being regarded as a cutting edge innovator in the world of Online Marketing.  In a constantly changing landscape of algorithm changes, promotional publishing channels and emerging social media platforms, PHANTOM POWER Marketing consistently stands out as “the” experts who can help your business conquer the ever-evolving nature of the web.


PHANTOM POWER Marketing can handle all aspects of your Online Marketing campaign, from search engine optimization (SEO) to content marketing, from social media marketing to email marketing and more. We cover the gamut of Online Marketing strategies and have over 15 years’ experience integrating these practices in harmony with the ever-evolving nature of the web. 


Together we’ll define a strategy customized to your specific goals and objectives.  You’ll be presented with a detailed campaign that we will execute to your satisfaction, delivering the results you deserve.

Core Online Marketing Capabilities

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is about attracting the right customers, at the right time, by producing the right content. It is customer-centric built on engagement, as opposed to product-centric messages. Instead of wasting valuable marketing resources on individuals non-relevant to your product or service, inbound focuses on connecting businesses to leads with the highest propensity to become customers, and ultimately long time advocates of your business.


Certified in Inbound Marketing by industry-leaders HubSpot,  PHANTOM POWER Marketing can design a holistic Inbound campaign that works to attract, convert and close business.




Web Design 

Having an informational website is a great way to get your name out there. But having a website that engages your visitors in a way that leaves an impression helps your site gain high rankings and more traffic. 

PHANTOM POWER Marketing works closely with our clients to design and build websites that look and function beautifully. While the aesthetics of a website are key to building your brand, the development team at PHANTOM POWER Marketing ensures your site is user-friendly, offers modern plug-ins web users expect and is optimized for mobile.





It only takes 50 milliseconds for users to form a first impression of your website, you need a website that engages people on an emotional level and connects with them immediately to address their needs at rapid glance.


Having an informational website is a great way to get your name out there. But having a website that engages your visitors in a way that leaves an impression can take your business to the next level.


Our experienced team of web design and development experts, together with our award-winning copywriters, will create an online destination that attracts qualified leads ready to convert.


We also use a user-friendly platform and offer you training on Content Management so you are not married to your developer. 


Social Media has been one of the fastest growing sectors in all of Online Marketing. With the rapid explosion of companies like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn and countless new social media platforms that are seemingly launching every day, the need has never been greater for a trusted resource to help leverage social media effectively.  


PHANTOM POWER Marketing was launched at the onset of the social media boom. We have grown our knowledge and comprehension of these platforms as the platforms themselves have grown – we are uniquely positioned to help your business harness the true potential of social.


Today’s buyers demand creative, relevant and compelling content from the brands that are important to them. Content Marketing fills this need with content optimized across a wide range of channels and customer touch points.


An effective Content Marketing strategy builds online presence, attracts followers, advances sales cycles and establishes you as an expert in your field, ready to help solve a need, whenever that need should arise.


From blogs, to eBooks,  Interactive Quizzes and Polls, we’re ready to create a content library for you that will grow your organization’s thought leadership agenda and position your brand as an industry leader.


93% of CMO’s say Visual Content is either important or critical to their overall marketing strategy (CMO Council), and there’s no denying video, as it comprises 80% of all online content today. It is imperative you infuse your brand’s storytelling and authenticity with high-impact branded visuals, especially given the current engagement rate on Instagram compared to Facebook is 58:1. 


Whether you’re looking for attention-grabbing custom videos, a suite of graphics for a specific campaign, or infographics to demonstrate a concept, we have the proven experience to design and craft visuals that will engage, delight and influence your audience.

PHANTOM POWER Marketing’s Email Marketing solutions are designed to engage your audience, nurture your leads, attract prospects to your website, blog and social channels and drive conversions.


Although Email Marketing is one of the most effective online channels, with a typical ROI of $44 per $1 spent, it is often overlooked.


PHANTOM POWER Marketing recommends Email Marketing be a part of all Online Marketing campaigns.  We understand Email Marketing best practices to optimize open rates, click-through rates, engagement and shares. We have executed hundreds of Email Marketing campaigns for countless clients that deliver terrific return on investment.


A Landing Page is a standalone web page distinct from your website that has been designed for a single focused objective, converting a visitor into a lead.​

One of PHANTOM POWER Marketing's most sought after services are our optimized Landing Pages with real time lead delivery straight to your inbox and smartphone.


Twice certified by industry leader’s Hubspot in Inbound Marketing, we’re poised and ready to create a performance-driven Landing Page with best-in-class data capture.


Whether you’re offering a free  eBook download, have an interactive quizl, or wish to place a gateway page in front of exclusive content, our Landing Pages are designed to serve up qualified leads ready for you to convert.


The importance of researching and analyzing the Keywords your competitors are ranking for is significant. If findings reveal that your competitors are ranking higher for the most relevant and heavily searched keywords in your industry; this should inform your SEM, SEO and even social strategy.

Our unique Keyword Counterintelligence Program determines which keywords are both the most relevant to your business and the easiest to rank for.


Focusing efforts on keywords and phrases of competitors that you have a chance to outrank--not to the exclusion of all relevant Keywords-- gives you an extra edge over your competition.


To be successful at SEO you must be forward-thinking. Google made 890 updates to Search last year alone. Gone are the days where you can change a few page titles and meta descriptions, submit your site to thousands of directories, and pop to the top of organic rankings.


When most people think of SEO, they think of the technical optimization of a website’s code and content. While this is still very important, it goes much further now.


PHANTOM POWER Marketing considers SEO an art and a science. Getting it right takes time, creativity, experimentation, measurement and expertise.