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Singing Our Praises...


“PHANTOM POWER Marketing has done a terrific job of monitoring and promoting my musical career far in excess of just running publicity. Jennifer is a motivated and trustworthy individual, that creatively applies her efforts to producing first class results. She keeps on top of details so that I don't have to.”

- Bob Burger, Singer/Songwriter / Recording Artist
The Bob Burger Band, The Weeklings, Glen Burtnik & Friends



“Jennifer and PHANTOM POWER Marketing are always there to ‘spread to word’ Her dedication and passion is inspiring.”

- Joe Bellia, Drummer
Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes,

Jon Bon Jovi and The Kings of Suburbia,

The Bobby Bandiera Band, The Weeklings


“I have worked with PHANTOM POWER Marketing in the past to help promote artists and they have came through each and every time. I look forward to working with Jennifer Pricci in the very near future.”

- Daniel Stanton, President
Coallier Entertainment

“Before Jennifer, Linda Chorney was the Jersey Shore’s best-kept secret. Now, people I talk to know all about her and are clamoring to learn more! The relationships she developed with the press led us to be picked up by local print media and radio – and her strategy integrated many of Linda’s goals simultaneously.”

- Scott Fadynich, President
When I Sing, LLC


Music Marketing & Promotion

The One-Stop-Shop for Independent Musicians


At PHANTOM POWER Marketing, we offer musicians from all over the country the convenience and efficiencies of a full-service Publicity and Marketing Department. Working with PHANTOM POWER Marketing, our clients get the peace of mind that their marketing and promotion is being done in a professional, comprehensive, effective and consistent manner.

With 20 years of experience in music promotion, our Marketing and Publicity Teams are equipped with the expertise to craft a promotional strategy that will generate maximum results. And while there’s no substitute for experience, we also leverage our vast personal networks and base of research to build you a comprehensive promotional strategy that is made even more effective because of our personal touch.


Online Music Publicity

​Online Publicity is the business of disseminating information to increase public awareness and interest in your project. Publicity is not that quarter page ad you bought in LA Weekly. That’s advertising.


You cannot buy publicity. Increased public interest and awareness comes about through features, interviews, reviews, previews, articles and anything else that attracts people to you or your product. The record review and online post is a highly regarded, small victory that when acquired in quantity or quality can really help build a band or artist’s reputation.

  • Social Media Marketing  All the work without the hassle! We do the day-to-day tasks of marketing your band for you, so you can focus on your music.

  • Email Marketing  We will create a branded newsletter and localized gig alerts for your band and send them on a regular basis, per your marketing calendar.

  • Electronic Press Kits  We have extensive experience composing, designing and crafting your Press Kit in a manner that will accomplish your personal goals. EPK's are one of the most professional tools to showcase your talents to the music industry. We take this a step further by customizing your EPK on ReverbNation so you can take that next step in targeting venues, promoters, and press.

  • Website Creation  While the euphoria of finishing a song or album is one-of-a-kind, this is only half of the battle! While the first step in getting your music out there is definitely social media and distribution, a website is critical for building a contact list and sharing information with fans. PHANTOM POWER Marketing can build you a website that will solidify your legitimacy as an artist.

Gig and Album Publicity and Promotion


  • Press Release Creation  We craft effective press releases to highlight your music and promotional efforts.

  • Targeted Promotion  We strategically target local and national media outlets, both print and online, to present your press to the most applicable news sources.

  • Online Promotion  We amplify your online promotional efforts via social media and more, leveraging our personal networks.

Nuts and Bolts Marketing Materials


  • Press Kit  Not having a Press Kit to send off to interested promoters, venues and members of the media is akin to seeking a job without a resume. Just as we would compose and design your EPK, we will create for you an impressive interactive Press Kit that features your music and headshots that can be hosted online and printed for physical distribution.

  • One-Pager  Sometimes you don’t need a full-on Press Kit when distributing your music.  An impressive one-pager can do it. As with our press kit services, we will compose ad design and impressive piece that can feature your music and photos and both be interactive and printed.



  • Branding  If it's not immediately obvious what makes your band unique and special, you're missing the boat! We work with you to brand all aspects of your marketing, putting together a cohesive strategy to unify your look, feel and copy in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd.

  • Band Bios  We will create a branded band bio and associated copy that effectively conveys your band brand.

  • Target Fanbase Analysis  Working with an established Marketing Firm gives you a leg-up if you want to understand your audience. We have the tools to evaluate what your fans are looking for in their music, and how you can capitalize on their passion to develop Super Fans.


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