Did you know that multi-channel customers spend three to four times more than single channel customers? We don’t want these valuable prospects to slip through the cracks.


  • Cut Through The Clutter
    Reaching your prospects and customers through more than one method of communication is more effective given today's fragmented audience.


  • More Attention
    Having your business represented on so many marketing platforms means you’ll get more customers and brand recognition.


  • Customers Can Use Their Favorite Medium
    Giving people choices regarding how they will interact with your business means they can use the medium they are most comfortable with, increasing your chances of seeing completed conversions.


  • More Touchpoints
    Having more touchpoints in your marketing funnel allows you to collect more data. This data can help you develop a better understanding of where your marketing works best and measure your success.


  • Your Brand Stays Consistent
    Using Integrated Marketing means your brand can stay consistent across mediums, since you are managing your business’s reputation across all areas.


  • A Proven Methodology
    An Integrated Marketing Strategy reaches prospects and consumers who prefer multichannel marketing and are proven to spend more money, improving your return-on-investment (ROI). 


How We Do It

The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts


Today there are more ways to reach customers than ever before. And the amount of communication channels consumers use, and the types of channels they have to choose from, will continue to grow. 


PHANTOM POWER Marketing uses multiple communication channels to reach your prospects and customers with clear, consistent and relevant messaging at every possible touchpoint.  We do this to put you where your customers are, and they are everywhere. 


Our Integrated Marketing Strategy

While technically multichannel marketing, at its most basic understanding, is about simply marketing across different channels, the greatest success comes from creating cohesive multichannel campaigns. We call this strategy Integrated Marketing.


Studies show that over 3/4 of consumers prefer a multichannel marketing approach - think about those little Twitter hashtags at the bottom corner of your favorite TV shows - yet many businesses are still hesitant to dive in. Today's marketing truth is that there is simply no one single channel to reach all of your prospects and customers all of the time.  That is why we integrate these channels together in the most complimentary way possible - to deliver exponential results for our clients. 


Tactics Win Marketing Battles.

Strategies Win Marketing Wars.

Integrated Marketing strategy can be complex, expecially as you add more strategies to your marketing mix. Picture a Manhattan subway map with each subway line representing a marketing tactic.  There are stops, intersections, places to transfer… all opportunities to integrate communication channels to create a holistic Integrated Marketing strategy.


How PHANTOM POWER executes your Integrated Marketing Strategy:


  • Create Multiple Touchpoints
    Through market research and consumer behavior analysis we will uncover consumer attitudes toward your product or service as well as your competitors' positioning. This will inform which channels will work best for your business and which channels will integrate effectively. These channels can include multiple Social Media platforms, Email Newsletters, Marketing Collateral, Direct Mail, Interactive Content, Written Content, Visual Content, and more.


  • Strategic Positioning
    Once we've discussed a Marketing Plan that aligns to your goals and objectives, we will strategize how your brand will present, communicate, engage and incite across each of your touchpoints. The delivery of your marketing message should differ across channels based on the strengths and attributes of that channel. In addition, users of different channels wish to absorb your marketing message in different ways. We work diligently to get the most out of each touchpoint to maximize the effectiveness of your integrated strategy while at the same time ensuring your marketing message is always consistent, clear and relevant to your audience.


  • De-Silo Channels
    We integrate communication channels so they are complimentary. For example, TV and Twitter hashtags have been proven very effective when used together. QR Codes on Direct Mail are also complimentary. And Landing Pages that gather lead data can be promoted via social channels and email marketing to effectively drive inbound traffic. 


  • Controlled Testing 
    We will analyze the effectiveness of each of your communication channels so we know which touchpoints are most successful. This will help inform budget and resource allocation for maximum Return On Investment (ROI). 


Just being present on multiple channels is not enough.


PHANTOM POWER Marketing built our success around the principles of integration. Born in 1999, at the advent of Social Media and Smart Device Technology, we have navigated the rough waters of the evolving landscape. And we have the experience, foresight and resolve to continue to deliver results as the our rapidly changing media landscape continues to evolve.