Marketing by Design


The foundation of PHANTOM POWER’s Marketing by Design    approach is to explore your goals, any key facts that relate to that goal and detail a list of criteria that will be used to measure success against that goal. 


We do this by sitting with you and performing an extensive Needs Analysis.  Your answers will inform the current state of your business and where you would like it to go. How PHANTOM POWER Marketing can get you there is your Marketing Objective.  


Your Marketing Objective

Your Marketing Objective will serve as a sort of litmus test for all marketing activities to ensure all efforts align directly back to your goals - it is the center around which your marketing campaigns are designed.


Complimentary Client Needs Analysis

The mark of successful marketing is, of course, success. We take this to heart. That is why we work so diligently prior to putting any pen to paper with you to make sure we can deliver the results you seek. 


Does that mean that PHANTOM POWER would actually turn business down?

You bet.


PHANTOM POWER will not accept projects if we do not believe that the desired outcome is realistic or achievable.  We believe in the small- and medium-sized business model and we will not allow you to bankroll failure.


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PHANTOM POWER Marketing professionals have been certified in Client Needs Analysis and Solution Based Selling by ClearChannel University and The Global Sales Alliance.





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Our Marketing by Design    Model