Marketing Materials

Build Credibility Through Educating


Marketing Materials - or Collateral - is the collection of media used to promote your business and support the sales and marketing of your products and services.  It is the tangible evidence of your brand; designed congruent with your core values and identity.


Your Collateral is often the first impression of your products and services… and first impressions really count.


Why PHANTOM POWER Marketing?

PHANTOM POWER Marketing combines strategic customer-centric composition tactics with

creative design to communicate your unique offerings to prospects and customers. We are a

one-stop-shop for composition, design, production and distribution of the marketing collateral

you need to capture attention and educate your prospects and customers making your sales

efforts more efficient and effective.  


PHANTOM POWER Marketing experts are certified in the solution-based selling process which

uniquely positions us to appeal directly to the needs of your target audience in a manner that

incites action. And our copywriters are award-winners in their field.


The Marketing Materials we can create for you include but are not limited to:


Print and Digital Brochures

Print and Digital Sales Literature

Print and Digital Capabilities Presentations

Branded High-end PowerPoint Presentation

High-end PowerPoint and Keynote Presentations

Promotional Materials

Display and Exhibition Signage