Landing Page Optimization 

Increase Revenue with High-Impact Landing Pages


In Marketing, a lead generation Landing Page is a standalone web page distinct from your main website that has been designed for a single focused objective, converting a website visitor into a lead.


Landing Page Optimization

PHANTOM POWER Marketing experts will create and design high-impact, optimized lead generation Landing Pages while harnessing proven marketing techniques to collect contact information from your website visitors via data capture webforms.  Our Landing Pages will always provide a relevant and engaging experience for website visitors to increase the rate at which your online prospects convert into qualified leads for your business.


To design and optimize your Landing Pages we use unique images, design strategies, strategic copywriting, A/B testing and specific call-to-action messaging (CTA) so website visitors take that next action step… completing a data capture webform offering up their contact information.  You've now converted a website visitor into a qualified lead.


We align the goals and objectives of your varying Inbound campaigns as well as respective traffic driving sources (social, email, PPC, etc.) to drive conversion.  And, to ensure maximum relevancy, we carefully construct each Landing Page to compliment your keywords – which also attracts the attention search engines – improving your PPC and SEO as well. 


The Importance of A Strong Call-to-Action (CTA)

Without a clear course of action, website visitors have a hard time seeing your value, which makes it more difficult to convert them into leads. Effective call-to-action messaging (CTA) on your Landing Page increases engagement with your website visitors, encourages interaction, and drives that next action step toward completion of your webform. Numerous case studies have proven that strong CTAs can drastically increase conversion rates.

The PHANTOM POWER Landing Page Optimization Approach

There are many benefits to an effective Landing Page, but implementation requires careful consideration, and ongoing testing and measuring.


Using anything other than an optimized lead generation Landing Page is a potential waste of marketing and advertising spend.  And while industry experts agree that there is really no such thing as a "perfect" Landing Page - they must still be optimized as they are key to driving revenue through your online presence. 


PHANTOM POWER Marketing implements industry best practices surrounding Landing Page Optimization. We are consistently running A/B testing on multiple Landing Pages measuring only the slightest changes to body copy, layout or CTA's. Sometimes the simplest change can result in a higher conversion rate, and increasing your conversion rate is the end-game when it comes to driving revenue.