Keyword Research & Analysis

Outrank. Outperform. Outsell.


Setting up and maintaining a strong and high performing SEO and PPC Campaign takes time and expertise. But without keyword research – both at the beginning of the project and continually throughout – you will never get the best possible return on investment.


In addition, the importance of researching and analyzing the Keywords your competitors are ranking for is significant because if findings reveal that your competitors are ranking higher for the most relevant and heavily searched keywords in your industry; this affects your overall strategy.  PHANTOM POWER Marketing’s unique Keyword Counterintelligence Program informs your campaign by determining whether or not you want to heavily compete using the same keywords or look for less competitive alternatives…


It may just be too big a leap to compete for a keyword depending on where you rank. You need to focus efforts on keywords and phrases of competitors that you have a chance to outrank.  This is not to the exclusion of all relevant Keywords, but a heavier emphasis on “rankable” keywords gives you an extra edge over your competition.


Our Keyword Research Process


  • Choose Keywords designed to achieve campaign goals and objectives

  • Choose Keywords designed to generate leads

  • Create a Content Marketing strategy around rankable Keywords

  • Find Keyword Variations that will Increase performance results

  • Perform Negative Keyword Research to reduce irrelevant exposure


Our Keyword Analysis Process


  • Explore what Internet users would search once they are ready to make a purchase

  • Generate long-tail keywords that are an often under-utilized, yet highly effective way to accomplish your SEO Campaign goals

  • Leverage Problem-Based Keywords

  • Utilize Geo-modified Keywords where applicable


Our Keyword Counterintelligence Program


  • Run a Keyword report for your business and for your top competitors

  • Determine monthly searches for each Keyword

  • Determine “difficulty score” for popular keywords for both your competitors and yourself

  • Perform a cross-competitive analysis is to further define the keywords you should be reaching for; i.e. “rankable” keywords

  • Expand all efforts to include “rankable” keywords to gain that competitive edge