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Email Marketing

The 'Little Black Dress' in your Online Marketing Closet


Email Marketing campaigns are a great way to build relationships with your prospects and customers. You’re already working with a pre-qualified base: these people have said they want to receive information from you. And when a lot of them have already done business with you, Email Marketing returns even greater on your investment - because it’s easier and cheaper to retain a customer than it is to get a new one.


PHANTOM POWER Marketing's Email Marketing Solutions

Although Email Marketing is one of the most effective online channels, it is often overlooked. PHANTOM POWER Marketing recommends Email Marketing be a part of all Online Marketing campaigns.  We understand Email Marketing best practices to optimize open rates, click-through rates, engagement and shares. We have executed hundreds of Email Marketing campaigns for countless clients that deliver terrific return on investment.


PHANTOM POWER’S full-service Email Marketing campaigns include:


  • Email Acquisition
    Through online conversion strategies; whether on your website, landing pages or via social, PHANTOM POWER Marketing will implement proven strategies to grow your mailing list.


  • Custom Email Template Design

    We build your Email Marketing template around your website design to ensure consistent branding. Using the proper colors, images, and logo will help customers instantly recognize your brand. 

  • Editorial Calendar

    Your Email Marketing Editoral Calendar will revolve around the specific goals and objectives of your campaign. Whether you selling seasons are important to you, or you leverage current events, or you want to send information on upcoming promotions, we'll create a content schedule that will resonate with your subscribers.

  • Content Creation

    This is the key element that most Email Marketing companies avoid. Let PHANTOM POWER Marketing's award-winning copywriters write the sharpest, most professional copy for your newsletters. We send you a draft for approval and ensure that your copy is expertly presented in every way.

  • Social Integration
    We use best practice techniques for archiving to encourage social sharing and drivers to your social networking profiles.


  • Sending

    We track the optimal times to send your emails to ensure you get the best possible open and click rates.

  • Trigger Emails
    Where appropriate we will automatically plan to follow up your email with another email to those subscribers that did not open your first distribution. This presents the unique opportunity for further customization.


  • Reporting

    Our thorough, easily understood reports tell you all about opens, click-throughs, opt-outs and forwards. You’ll get to know your customers’ needs and habits so we can help you strategize the best way to deepen your connection with them.


  • Ongoing A/B Testing
    The testing of different Email Marketing features such as subject lines, calls-to-action, distribution time and day and other factors to determine what yields best results.


  • Email Marketing Training
    We pride ourselves on our "teach a man to fish" approach. If after initial set-up and launch you'd like to take over your own Email Marketing efforts we will train you on how to use your Email Marketing software and offer tips and advice on best practices.


One of the greater benefits that our clients report about Email Marketing is how cost effective it is.  We are a small business and understand clients want to spend their money wisely and while gaining return on investment. We respect that and deliver solid Email Marketing advice and solutions at very competitive prices. Our ultimate goal is to have a long-term relationship with our clients, and the way to create a valuable relationship is by delivering solid results at budget-conscious prices.