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Our children’s ability to meet the expectations of a rapidly changing world relies on an education where they can reach the highest levels of achievement. EdisonLearning partners with schools to provide solutions that inspire students to think, learn, and succeed – and prepare them to meet their full potential and the expectations of the 21st century workplace.


In 2010 the EdisonLearning contract in Clark County School District (CCSD) in Las Vegas was up for renewal. Drastic budget cuts in CCSD risked renewal of the contract by the District Board. EdisonLearning CCSD partnership schools had the opportunity to present to the board, key decision-makers and influencers the value or maintaining the EdisonLearning partnership.


Marketing Objective

Marketing support was needed to help communicate and visually show the significant results at EdisonLearning partnership schools; particularly when compared to non-partnership CCSD schools.


The presentation needed to be empathetic while also being convincing. The Marketing Collateral needed to be backed in data while also being visually appealing and it needed to be a piece that Board Members would be happy to take with them and eager to refer to during the final decision-making process.






The Solution

PHANTOM POWER Marketing held comprehensive interviews with school Principals and key faculty members at all EdisonLearning partnership schools in the Clark County School District, performed research and discovery, analyzed data and composed, designed and project managed production of a comprehensive package that would support the presentation given by EdisonLearning executives to the CCSD Board.


Key Messaging:


EdisonLearning Partnership Schools in CCSD show consistent gains in students meeting and exceeding standards on Nevada CRTs.

Students attending EdisonLearning Partnership Schools show a significantly higher rate of gain across the entire student body.


Out of 36 measurable areas of achievement gains, EdisonLearning Partnership Schools in CCSD exceed those of Comparable Schools 94% of the time. Of those instances in which Partnership School achievement gains do not outweigh those of Comparable the majority of those differences amount to less than

2 points.


PHANTOM POWER’s Marketing Materials included:


  • An all-inclusive, data-driven brochure

  • One-Pagers that highlighted the results at each of six EdisonLearning partnership schools

  • A high-impact PowerPoint Presentation with multi-media for use by executives during the presentation

  • An EdisonLearning branded USB drive keychain loaded with all distributed materials


PHANTOM POWER Marketing also collaborated with the EdisonLearning website development team to create a dedicated Landing Page for CCSD partnership schools that featured key messaging and powerful data.  PHANTOM POWER composed and optimized all webpage content and assisted in layout design in accordance with the EdisonLearning Brand Style Guide.








The live presentation was extremely well received by the CCSD Board, key decision-makers and influencers. Attendees found great value in the data presented and enjoyed the multimedia which included video testimonials from students and teachers. Attendees were also impressed by the package of Marketing Materials they received, particularly the USB drive that would become a handy tool for storing and travelling with all of their documents.


After a lengthy period of Contract Negotiations, EdisonLearning executives closed the CCSD partnership renewal deal.

"PHANTOM POWER Marketing provided superb direction and insights on the materials developed for EdisonLearning.  (They) understood where the company was and where it needed to go - and was able to communicate that mission effectively. The result was the development of superior collateral.


Ultimately, PHANTOM POWER helped take EdisonLearning to a new level.”


- John Salak, Owner

The Salak Group