Crunch Fitness

Exercising Inbound Marketing Theory


In 2010 Crunch was ready to re-think their approach to client recruitment. As 80% of new members are converted through FREE PASSES downloadable on the website, PHANTOM POWER was recruited to analyze the website and develop strategies for increasing inbound traffic.


Performing a complete website review is rarely easy. Often you can start a site analysis intending to spend just a few minutes looking over it only to find that it quickly spirals into a multi-hour marathon of research. Complete website reviews can be time consuming and often produce many more hours of work beyond that.


One of the problems is that people tend to skip right to search engine optimization forgetting that users matter. Many people want to rush into the marketing without realizing that the website itself is part of the marketing process. 

The Crunch Fitness Marketing Objective


  • Increase FREE PASS Downloads

  • Increase overall website traffic

  • Improve overall website performance / metrics

  • Increase amount / quality of online presence over competitors'

The Challenge

There is no doubt that tough economic times have hit many gyms across this country. Getting people and clients into the gym is tough, and keeping them there is sometimes tougher.


Challenges that effect membership rates:


  • Many people feel intimidated.

  • When a gym has an attitude that pressures people to join, they will eventually lose out.

  • Stale ideas and dated training theory.


Incorporating web content that directly addresses these challenges will lead to greater conversion. Crunch has a leg up on the competition with their “No Judgments” messaging.

PHANTOM POWER Marketing's Solution

The Crunch Fitness Campaign to increase website visitors will be based in Inbound Marketing theory.


  • Create great website content, promotions and online conversation

  • Promote the above via Social Media Marketing, email newsletters, print newsletters and other channels

  • Use the above lead driving mechanisms to capture lead data 

  • Measure and Analyze


Campaign Elements


  • Optimize and enhance website design and site architecture for a more fluid user experience that drives FREE PASS downloads

  • Perform Keyword Research and Analysis and Keyword Counterintelligence

  • Increase incoming website traffic with on-page SEO

  • Create Messaging that speaks directly to each fitness market membership challenge

  • Leverage the Crunch Fitness "No Judgements" messaging

  • Offer relevant content of value to website visitors through optimized Blogging; become an authority in the fitness space through Content Marketing

  • Use appropriate Social Media Platforms to create website drivers; i.e. FREE PASS downloads and seasonal promotions

  • Use appropriate Social Media Platforms to create a dialogue that revolves around messaging; specifically "No Judgements"