Singer-Songwriter, Frontman, Multi-instrumentalist


|| Deadland Ritual (Matt Sorum, Geezer Butler, Steve Stevens), FXP, The Dirty and The Fillthree Horns, The Crystal Method, Apocolyptica, Scars On Broadway, Sons of Anarchy, Camp Freddy, Velvet Revolver, Slash, Slash & Friends, Duff, Dave Kushner, Billy Morrison, Billy Duffy and more. ||

Mixed by: Sean Smiley

Edited by: Jennifer Pricci

Produced by: PHANTOM POWER Marketing


Musician Bio

Your musician bio, which we call your Signature Story, is one of the most important aspects of your brand.

Today more than ever a compelling story may be the thing that attracts a potential fan to you (sometimes before even hearing your music). 

Published Rock Journalist Jennifer Pricci handles all artist crafts your Signature Story in a way that will become the cornerstone of your PR and Marketing efforts. A compelling musician biography is essential in catching the eyes of media makers and potential fans.

Read Jennifer Pricci’s published pieces and interviews with notable artists Phil X (The Drills, Bon Jovi), Pete Thorn (Chris Cornell, Don Henley, Melissa Etheridge), Jeff Gutt (Stone Temple Pilots, Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper) and more.

Social Media Marketing Plans

PHANTOM POWER Marketing will ease the day-to-day social media grind by coaching you or posting for you (depending on your needs and budget).

Our Social Media Management team has worked for a wide range of artists and entrepreneurs, and we often find ourselves explaining what a social media management campaign actually entails.

We start with a complimentary Client Needs Analysis. We’ll ask what types of content you like (and dislike). We also want to know all about your fans, so, we ask quite a few questions about them as well.

One of our most important roles, is making sure your brand is cohesive across all channels, and that all sites are optimized. It is important to visualize releases, features, show announcements, crowdfunding campaigns and how they may look in advance. We create unique visual content that fits your brand personality. We can also train you in ways to high-impact create visual content on your own.

If you opt for our full Management campaign, we will post regularly on your social profiles so that you don’t get lost in this tedious daily grind and you can spend your precious time doing what you love – making music. 

Also ask about our Email Marketing programs.

Musician Websites

Having your own site is essential in catching as it is yours to own (unlike Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or any other social platform).
Our in-house website designer will work with you to create an elegant and effective website that will include everything you need; from attractive Photo Galleries to embedded music players and video.

In addition, we will train you on how to edit your own website so if you wish to make future changes you are not married to a Developer who will charge you $80/hour. This is highly valuable training as it is performed on your own completed website and comes complete with cheat sheets for quick reference.

Musician Press Kits

Despite cost, some groups, even those with smaller budgets, still put out physical press kits in the 21st century. The obvious advantage is that once the kit is delivered, it provides a physical reminder of the band until, possibly months or years later, it's thrown away or — for the exceptional few — becomes a collectors' item.

For this and other reasons, PHANTOM POWER Marketing still recommend putting out a physical press kit as well as an EPK.

Our Physical Press Kits are also converted into an interactive electronic PDF for easy emailing and navigation by the recipient. 


Singing Our Praises...


“PHANTOM POWER Marketing has done a terrific job of monitoring and promoting my musical career far in excess of just running publicity. Jennifer is a motivated and trustworthy individual, that creatively applies her efforts to producing first class results. She keeps on top of details so that I don't have to.”

- Bob Burger, Singer-Songwriter / Recording Artist
The Bob Burger Band, The Weeklings, Glen Burtnik & Friends, Max Weinberg

"You get it. And not only do you get it, you know how to explain it."

- Franky Perez, Singer-Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist 

Deadland Ritual, FXP, Apocolyptica, Scars on Broadway, Velvet Revolver, Camp Freddy, The Crystal Method, Kings of Chaos, more

"I've told people this is the best interview I've ever given. I imagine in had something to do with the questions."

- Phil X, Guitarist, Singer

Phil X & The Drills, Bon Jovi



“Jennifer and PHANTOM POWER Marketing are always there to ‘spread to word’ Her dedication and passion is inspiring.”

- Joe Bellia, Drummer
Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes,

Jon Bon Jovi and The Kings of Suburbia,

The Bobby Bandiera Band, The Weeklings


“I have worked with PHANTOM POWER Marketing in the past to help promote artists and they have came through each and every time. I look forward to working with Jennifer in the very near future.”

- Daniel Stanton, President

Coallier Entertainment

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