Core Content Marketing Offerings


  • Blog Articles

  • eBooks

  • White Papers

  • Press Releases

  • Guides

  • Infographics

  • Games

  • Quizzes

  • Surveys

  • Digital Collateral

  • Presentations

  • Slideshows

  • eNewsletters

  • Webinars

  • Podcasts

  • Testimonials

  • Checklists

  • Case Studies

  • Memes 

  • Promotional Graphics

  • Facebook Stories

  • Instagram Stories

  • Instagram Highlights

  • Instagram Profile Grid Design

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PROs of Visual Content Marketing

1. Social Spreading Potential (Viral Content)

Visual content is a great way to stimulate people to share what they’ve seen. Whenever they see a video with a higher emotional impact, they’ll quickly want to share it with their friends. What better way to do it other than sharing it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on?

You see, viral content nowadays is always either a funny picture, a well-made infographic, or an amazing video. If you want to boost your brand awareness, you adding visual content in your social media campaigns is definitely a must.

2. Most Efficient Way of Conveying The “Message Behind”

When you explain something using words, it’s harder to describe the actual feeling or the actual sight of what you’re explaining. Pictures and videos are always easier to understand because you can actually see what’s being explained.

Pictures convey what a thousand words can’t, but they shouldn’t be a priority throughout a blog post for example.

3. Visual Content Attracts a Lot of Attention

Whenever you see a shocking picture or a very interesting thumbnail of a video (which is also a picture), you’re more likely to click the link. This happens because you’re instantly grabbed by something that might make you curious, might help you, or might even satisfy you.

Marketing’s all about attracting attention, so you’re obviously focusing on the right spot. With some practice and eventually experience, you’ll be able to create “instant notifications” through your advertisements and marketing campaigns.

Content Marketing

Content is King, Queen and all the Jesters too!


Great content sells.  At the core of your Inbound Marketing strategy, you must leverage the power of Content to drive turn prospects into website visitors, website visitors into leads, and leads into customers.


PHANTOM POWER Content Marketing, particularly in conjunction with our Optimized Landing Pages; offers engaging content of value that will connect with your audience on an emotional level, attracts your target audience to your website, converts website visitors into warm, qualified leads primed for you to close.


  • Nearly 95% of CMO's insist on a Content Marketing Strategy

  • 87% of Marketers use Social Media to Promote their Content

  • 64% of Marketers say Content Marketing is their Biggest Challenge

  • 62% of Companies currently Outsource Content Marketing

Visual Content Marketing

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. And visuals are processed 60,000X faster by the brain than text. 


Whenever you’re thinking of something, preparing for something, or performing a task, you’re using your visual memory and sight to come up with a fast answer or solution.

Knowing that, it’s pretty obvious that everything that’s visual has more influence on us, human beings. Let’s see which are the most powerful and popular types of visual content nowadays:


  • Pictures and Images
    Whenever you include these in a post, you’re most likely to get 94% more page views.

  • Videos and Gifs
    Are the best way to grab the attention of the viewer, to send more advanced messages and insights, and to get better marketing results.

  • Infographics
    Are the best (and most popular way) to present a lot or information or complex concepts in an easy-to-digest manner.

  • Presentations and Digital Marketing Collateral
    Are easy to create, and the best way to explain a lot of information.

  • Meme Content
    Done correctly, Meme's are effective because they are humorous, attention grabbing, and have virility.

Why do you need Content Marketing?

Today, your target audience lives in an age of information abundance. They’re more inundated by marketing messages than ever. As a result, marketers are challenged by attention scarcity – the concept that the more messages your audience is forced to filter out, the harder they become to reach.


Content Marketing allows you to become a trusted resource to your target audience. It's how consumers gather information about you and your competitors, how they build trust with a company, and how they come to regard you as a thought leader. That means that instead of sales jargon, your target audience is thirsty for valuable and relevant information.


As you build your Content Marketing arsenal, you will become a Hub of valuable information for your target audience. They will flock to you as a trusted resource. And even if they are not yet ready to buy - once they are - you will be top of mind.


Why PHANTOM POWER Marketing?

Twice certified by industry leaders HubSpot in Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing is at the core of your Inbound strategy.


We are experts in Market Research and Consumer Behavior Analysis. We can quickly identify your target audience's pain point so content can be created to solve that pain. We are uniquely positioned to create valuable, relevant content to attract, acquire, and engage your most qualified prospects thereby maximizing the return of your Content Marketing investment.


We implement the following seven requirements for successful Content Marketing campaigns:


  1. Your content must engage individuals on their own terms using consumer behavior analysis.

  2. Your content must be mapped directly to your buyers’ needs and pain points.

  3. Your content must be promoted via the most suitable channel; whether on your website, in email, on social, in print, or elsewhere.

  4. Your content must have a clear purpose and an effective call-to-action to move your buyer closer toward purchase.

  5. Your content must have pre-defined metrics – designed to be measurable – so it can be tested, revised and improved.

  6. Your content must be created in the most efficient, effective way possible – without sacrificing quality.

  7. Your content must reach your buyer at the right time in their buying journey.