Consumer Behavior Analysis

Getting to know your ideal buyer.


Great content revolves around your target audience.  PHANTOM POWER Marketing works with you to define your ideal buyer.  In Marketing speak, this is called your buyer persona.    


Creating Your Buyer Personas

We perform a strategic interview with you about your business, current customers, past customers, and customers you are trying to close.  We will ask about those customers who have been with you the longest, and those customers that have left you.  We will also send out surveys to your target audience base to uncover direct response that speak to goals, preferences, needs and pain points.  Finally, we will take all of this information, perform extensive industry research, and use demographic and psychographic data to collectively define your buyer persona.


Information we collect will uncover:


  • Background
    Basic details about your ideal customer, their gender, age, familial status, income, job, responsibilities, likes and dislikes and more.

  • Main Sources of Information
    Where your persona does his or her research

  • Goals 
    Persona’s primary and secondary goals

  • Challenges and Pain Points
    Your persona’s challenges, and the emotions which accompany those challenges

  • Preferred Content Medium
    What type of content, and in what voice/tone, does your persona respond to?

  • Source
    Where does you buyer seek out information?

  • Quotes
    Bring your personas to life with actual quotes gathered during interviews, feedback, reviews, testimonials, social commentary and more

  • Objections
    The objections you anticipate from your persona during the sales process

  • Key Decision-Makers
    Persona’s influence in the decision making process

  • Marketing Message
    The messaging that speaks and appeals directly to this persona


Leveraging Buying Stages

Different kinds of content appeals to different buyers in different stages of their buying journey.  Whether you are looking to increase awareness of your business or brand, looking to attract buyers to your website, aiming to educate about your products and services, or seeking to convert a lead into a customer; at PHANTOM POWER Marketing all content we create is targeted to a buyer persona and sales stage.


This isn’t just a thought experiment… it ensures that we have a specific buyer at a specific stage of the sales cycle in mind.  It increases relevancy and value and, ultimately, the success of your Content Marketing campaign.