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Comprehensive Software to Manage the Collective Bargaining Process


Increasing efficiency by...


  • Conducting research

  • Developing your list of issues

  • Generating and presenting proposals and counter-proposals

  • Complete tracking of negotiation outcomes

  • Full document management

  • Compiling the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)

  • Generating the final contract

  • Importing grievance and arbitration data through custom Grievance Management Software by Union Built PC

  • And more...

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Negotiator’s Advantage    (NA) is a comprehensive software solution that helps unions better manage the collective bargaining process.


This robust tool founded in decades of hands-on experience in Union Negotiation and Collective Bargaining enhances the quality and thoroughness of preparations and outcomes.


Learn how Negotiator's Advantage    gathers and effectively processes research, facts and formulas so your bargaining committee members and leaders can stay abreast of the status of negotiations to progressively build the most positive final agreement.