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Solution-Based-Selling that Drives New Business


Effective New Business Proposals are designed to sell your products or services in a targeted, concise, customer-focused manner.  Properly crafted proposals are a key component to increasing client spend and new business acquisition.


High-Value and Targeted New Business Proposals

PHANTOM POWER Marketing understands that a New Business Proposal represents a first

impression of your company, a marketing tool and a sales opportunity. We know also that it

can create obligations of performance and even present opportunities for loss. For all of these

reasons, proposal writing is serious business.


Experience Matters.  Whether responding to an RFP or pitching comprehensive services to

prospects, there are no trophies for second place. Count on the deep experience of PHANTOM

POWER to get it right the first time. Certified in the solution-based selling process, our proposal

writing experts have a proven track record of successfully presenting high-value solutions for

or in response to diverse business types.


PHANTOM POWER Marketing professionals have been certified in Client Needs Analysis

and Solution Based Selling by ClearChannel University and The Global Sales Alliance.


Why Trust PHANTOM POWER Marketing with Your New Business Proposals?

It doesn't matter whether you are a startup business, mid-sized organization, non-profit or multi-national company, you will receive a supremely crafted business proposal targeted to the recipient in their specific industry speak.


The PHANTOM POWER Marketing approach to New Business Proposals:


  • Targeted
    We collaborate with you to uncover the prospective company's needs, challenges and their best solution. A winning business proposal requires content tailored to your audienceso they can identify with your perspective.


  • Solution Based 
    The prospective client must understand why your solution is superior and how it aligns to their specific challenge. We are always thinking from your audience's point of view and crafting high impact copy relevant to them.


  • High Engagement
    The average person now has an attention span of 8 seconds.  We understand the "noisy" world we now live in and how to craft your message in the more accepted, bite-sized approach.


  • Ultimate Retention
    Sometimes "jargon" gets in the way of understanding. We use clever associations to help explain tricky concepts to help understanding and increase retention.

  • Increased Credibility
    A new business proposal with samples of your work and proof of your ability to deliver will be most effective. Appropriate capabilities, case studies, third-party testimonials from clients in the same industry, work samples and industry-related awards will be highlighted.


PHANTOM POWER Marketing New Business Proposals include:


  • an irresistible business proposal cover letter

  • optimized executive summary (the complete proposal in summary)

  • your understanding of your prospective client's problem, needs and wishes

  • your client's needs (objectives, goals and commitments)

  • your strategies, and how they meet, exceed and optimize your prospective client's needs

  • your optimal solution

  • how your optimal solution benefits your client

  • how your optimal solution will be executed

  • your unique selling proposition (why your solution triumphs over all other options)

  • costs in money, time, people, and other resources

  • significant issues, deadlines and project timeline (if applicable)

  • profile of your business, with capabilities, case studies, testimonials, work samples, awards


How Does PHANTOM POWER Speak to Diverse Business Types?

As a fully integrated marketing firm, PHANTOM POWER Marketing brings an extensive breadth of knowledge in the area of Market Research. This enables us to ramp up swiftly and jump start strategic planning efforts.


We can work with you to brainstorm holistic solutions for your clients and prospects, and present these offerings in a manner that speaks directly to their needs.


Understanding the Needs of Your Customers

PHANTOM POWER Marketing has the tools, resources and knowledge to uncover detailed information about the needs and pain points of your clients and prospects in order to create a proposal that aligns your solutions directly to these needs and pain points.  And where you

may not be a market leader, you will win the proposals where you demonstrate that your business can best solve the needs of your clients and prospects.




Our extensive experience in Market Research and Consumer Behavior Analysis leverages the data we collect about your prospects and clients in order to present your products and services in a manner that engages and resonates. 












Drive New Business Today!

From start to finish, PHANTOM POWER Marketing has a proven track-record providing the Business Proposals that your prospects and clients demand.  Contact us today to ask how our client-needs analysis expertise, solution-based selling credentials and consumer behavior analysis practices has grown the revenue of small- and medium-sized business as well as multi-national companies.  























Thank you ! One of our New Business experts will be in touch to show you how we've driven revenue for businesses in the past and how we can drive revenue for you.