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The 360-degrees of A&E


Savvy marketers are looking for more than just a one-size-fits-all media schedule. A&E Television Networks (AETN) was seeking a customized marketing program for Wal-Mart that would leverage their many on-air, online and print properties into a strategic, customized, integrated marketing campaign that would deliver results for this, one of their biggest clients.

The Challenge

In 2007 PHANTOM POWER was contracted to design a marketing plan for Wal-Mart and craft the accompanying new business proposal.


Because media choices are proliferating, and fragmenting, at an astonishing rate the challenge was to communicate to Wal-Mart that the sum of AETN properties can effectively marry their marketing objectives into AETN’s multiple platforms and range of combinations.


To overcome this challenge, PHANTOM POWER presented AETN to Wal-Mart as a “content powerhouse,” the most effective choice for reaching potential customers in a 360° media landscape. 

Differentiating A&E Properties

An AETN Integration Mantra and educational materials were created for Wal-Mart which depicted their 360° multi-media world.


"  The AETN 360° approach zeros in on a target group of consumers

most likely to be receptive to a certain message and surrounds

using a variety of media to touch them at different points along the

decision-to-buy process  "


"  At AETN, we make it our business to understand the latest consumer behavior, then we deliver the multichannel entertainment experience that meet the needs and desires of our massive fan base  "

Wal-Mart's Marketing Objective


  • Showcase the breadth of relevant, quality Wal-Mart products

  • Drive awareness of Wal-Mart’s customized and specialty services

  • Build Wal-Mart brand awareness and drive promotional urgency

  • Deliver the "Save money. Live better." messaging to the consumer

  • Celebrate the American family 

  • Extend Wal-Mart competencies to include quality

  • Leverage the strength of the Wal-Mart brand in contemporary America 

PHANTOM POWER Marketing's Solution

The Wal-Mart American Dream Campaign


After conducting in depth Market Research, Wal-Mart Consumer Behavior Analysis and cross-referencing this data with key A&E demographic and psychographic data across their multiple platforms the Wal-Mart American Dream Campaign was proposed.


The campaign mission was to leverage AETN properties to deliver education on home ownership and maintenance establishing the Wal-Mart brand as a life enhancing solution. Going beyond the ins-and-outs of homebuying, the campaign will involve managing every aspect of turning house into home - from decorating to budgeting, outfitting your living space, maintaining property, home improvement and more. Ultimately, The Wal-Mart American Dream Campaign will showcase the diverse and fashionable Wal-Mart brands and products as a modern turn-key resource perfectly suited to help families sustain the home yielding a great, nurturing family lifestyle year-round.


Relevant AETN television programming and online properties will drive consumers to a dedicated Wal-Mart American Dream Campaign website, a user-friendly destination where consumers will use fashionable, high-quality Wal-Mart products and services to virtually decorate all the rooms in their dream home. Traditional advertising, promotional bumpers and online presence will motivate buyer segments in different ways… i.e. Bio for Kids… create the coolest game room, American Eats… dream kitchen, Boys Toys… the ultimate home office, etc.


The best designs as chosen by the AETN audience via online and mobile methodologies will be featured by AETN personalities and integrated into corresponding AETN programming and bumpers. Participants responsible for the best design in each room category will win their submission for their own home!

Wal-Mart American Dream Campaign Elements


  • On-Air & VOD

    • Promotional Spot Ads

    • Product Integration

    • VOD Pre-rolls

  • Online

    • AETN sponsored Wal-Mart American Dream Website

    • User-Generated Content functionality:
      Design Your Dream Home!

    • Original Webisodes and Podcasts

    • AETN Branded Retail Point-of-Purchase

    • Newsletter Sponsorships

  • Mobile Voting and Text Messaging Campaign

    • Relationships Marketing / Print Advertising

    • History Channel Club Magazine 250,000 circulation

    • Exclusive offers to A&E Club 220,00 online members


The Wal-Mart American Dream Website to Include:


  • Opportunity to design every room in the house using quality, cost-efficient Wal-Mart furnishings and accessories

  • User-friendly interface provides natural browse of Wal-Mart selection of items

  • Help Menu guides participants with flash presentation technology

  • Live Chat Support

  • Room selection, furnishings and accessories correspond with 
    Wal-Mart offerings

    • Standard rooms in the home (living room, master bedroom,   children’s bedroom, master bathroom, kitchen, etc.) 

    • Rooms found in a dream home (library, home office screening room, man cave, gym, workshop, high-end garage, etc.) 

    • Outdoor area selection includes entertainment area, patio, garden to showcase Wal-Mart line of exterior furnishings and accessories


Campain Measurement Criteria


  • Independent research study

  • Wal-Mart American Dream Campaign Website performance

    • Registrant metrics

    • Website Analytics

    • Click-throughs leading to online purchase

    • Scanable shopping lists appear in-store

    • Promo Codes 

    • Coupon Tracking

    • Voter turn-out

  • PR Mentions

  • Event reporting and photographic documentation

  • Sales tied to promoted products vs prior YTD





The AETN Integrated Marketing team to project manage the design of the custom Wal-Mart American Dream Website with add-ons such as

printable shopping lists, coupons, promo codes and product suggestions.

PHANTOM POWER Marketing's Integrated Marketing Checklist


  • A “themed” unique, creative and engaging promotional campaign that aligns to Wal-Mart Marketing Objectives

  • A multichannel campaign that engages the target consumer interests and characteristics

  • Increased loyalty through built-in loyalty program

  • Inherent showcase of fashionable, quality products

  • Enforces "Save money. Live better." messaging

  • Positions Wal-Mart as accessible and aspirational

  • Print advertising, online banners and AETN property sponsorships will compliment marketing mix

  • Campaign plus-ups targeting AETN Classroom further sponsorship value

  • Modern marketing communications mix integrating various AETN properties

  • Seasonal relevancy for continued messaging campaign driver

  • Built in data capture activities for direct follow-up, lead nurturning and retargeting and cart abandonment campaigns

  • User-interface capitalizes on traffic and maximizes consumer connection

  • User-experience takeaways create traction and encourage purchase action step

  • Built-in measurement criteria